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May 07 2007

Another One Gone: HellMouthCentral. Contains information on where the Powers Of There will be continuing their pop culture opinionating.

I'm gonna miss that site. *sniff*
Too many sites lost. Our online fandom could be moving into its white dwarf stage.

Which reminds me has the Buffy Triva Site (formerly closed for good or moved elsewhere?
Faretheewell HMC is a great site and it'll be missed.
Fear not, all is not collapsing, the Buffy (and Angel) Trivia Guide has moved to
Well at least we will always have this place.
Buffyworld too.
You beat me to it, moley75. The Buffy and Angel Trivia Guide is still going strong at it's new address. Very cool site, for anyone who has yet to check it out.

Shame about HMC. It had been gradually slowing down on new content for a while now so this is no big surprise but it's still a shame to see yet another Buffy related site disappear.

That said, there are still a hell of a lot of really amazing sites up and running, many still with new content on a regular basis. and are two that I've only just recently discovered myself. Then there is Dusk 'til Dawn, The Buffyverse Dialogue Database, Chosen Two, City of Angel, Buffyology and Buffy vs Angel, all still active with varying amounts of new content.

Oh, and I heard about some place called Whedonesque that is still kinda popular...
Thanks Moley75 (and Serial Rocker) for the link to the new home of the Buffy Trivia Guide. As I worked my way through Buffy on DVD a few years ago, I always read through the guide to get the trivia and other bits of the episodes I had just watched. That site (and Sunnydale Slayers) made it almost seem like there were other people I was watching the episodes with. I was disappointed when I went back to the site a while back and it wasn't there.

Now that I'm starting to (slowly) work my way through Angel, I was wondering where I was going to get all my trivia goodness. And there it is! I've been reading City of Angels already, have to check out some of the other sites Serial Rocker mentioned. Thanks again.
Glad to hear about the Buffy Trivia Guide - I really, really needed it the other day - it was a....Buffy emergency, you know the kind - and my bookmark brought me naught.

For Buffy and Angel dialogue, I'm a big fan of the transcripts at - and when you're busy at Goners in the Buffy Playhouse, as anyone might be, you need your dialogue stat and no foolin'...

I also like All Things Philosophical in the Buffyverse ( It's handy for when you wanna study up on the moral ambiguity of Parker ("What a Pr***") Abrams...
Let's not forget the still-active discussion site Bronze Beta --
For Buffy and Angel dialogue, I'm a big fan of the transcripts at

Buffyworld is great if you're sure you know which episode your dialogue is from, but if not Buffyverse Dialogue Database is better.
And for music videos there is the Buffyverse Music Video Database, "a searchable compendium of information about and links to online music videos."
QuoterGal, I actually prefer Buffy vs Angel for transcripts, although that may be because I prefer the style of the site generally. The transcripts are listed under the Buffy and Angel Multimedia headings, if you want to have a look.
Have you noticed all this stuff is closing down just as canon Buffy is finally returning?
I'm rather touched that this thread ahs gotten thsi much repsonse. (My threads over there -the posting board will remain active, altho I'd bet it'll probably migrate to their new site eventually- should be after getting thsi much attention!) The ahrd core there were a bunch of us who met on UPN's Threaded Bronze during S-6 and they are my oldest bunch of cyber-friends, altho no longer my closest since I don't watch any of the shows they do nowadays.

And thanks for the new leads, guys! (like seven or eight sites isn't enough for me)

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