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May 08 2007

EW readers want to hang out with the crew of Serenity.'s PopWatch blog asked its readers what sci-fi characters/creatures they'd love to hang out with. Our favorite crew is featured alongside Tom Servo, Chewbacca and Hiro Nakamura, to name a few.

I think we are in pretty good company, I would like to hang out with Doctor Who almost as much as with the crew of Serenity!
Hanging out with Ben Grimm would be pretty fun, I think...
Man, who wouldn't want to hang out with the Serenifly crew! But Jayne is not allowed to "mock read" my journal.

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Frohike! But no Langly and Byers?
heck yes! although i would have to choose Langly. it's a music thing.
heck yes! although i would have to choose Langly. it's a music thing.

I also would rather hang out with Langly. I was just happy to see Frohike on the list at all. For me it's a nerd-love thing. Plus, he looks like Garth.

As much as I love to watch Serenity's crew, I don't think I'd last long in their world. It's kind of violent in the up-close-and-personal way. I think if we hung out, I'd get shot pretty quickly. I'm happy to watch Mal kick ass from afar.
I'd have to say Jayne and Starbuck together, in a bar (of course). Because watching them try to outdo one another for drunken crudeness would be incredibly entertaining. (;

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