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May 09 2003

Drew Goddard and Tim Minear post at the Bronze Beta and is that really Joss Whedon confirming Angel has been renewed? (update - no it wasn't, it was a fan)

"Hi kids,

No, this is not the evil anti-Joss. I wear no goatee/van-****/fu-manchu facial hair. I follow not the path of the scar-faced Spock.

I am the real deal. The gala mandala. The free chi.

I merely wish to spread good will hunting and Matt Damons to all by stating that Angel will definitely be back next season. The official news spews next week.

Kai and I love you all, love each other, love ourselves, make love to elves, and are often fresh on Hobbits.

Bugs and Krishnas to all!"

Anyone out there who knows if that is Joss?

If he's in the VIP archive, it's him.
Some people at the Bronze Beta say it's a fake because his name was not in colour and that he would wait till it's officially announced.

But this post ages from Joss makes me wonder.

From the Buffistas board around the time of Firefly cancellation.

I'd be grateful if someone could post this on the sites I can't remember my passwords for, so they know i said it. You guys are the best.
If he's in the VIP archive, it's him.

Depends on which VIP archive you're talking about. The post in question is not in the Bronze Beta's VIP Archive. It's in this archive because my scripts grab anything which starts with "[insert VIP nickname] says:" The post itself originated from an IP address in New Jersey, which is not to say that Joss happened upon someone who was proxying from NJ and used their computer to post.

Artie (the guy who runs the Bronze Beta) has generally been pretty good about revising impersonator posts.

So, as the VIP Archivist, I can't tell you one way or the other :(
I know the person who posted this and the other hotly debated post on the same day, and it definitely wasn't Joss. Just a fan having some (ill-considered) fun.
Yeah, doesn't sound like Joss. Unfunnily random, where I've always thought Joss' randomness was funny.
zencat, you wouldn't happen to know his e-mail address, would you? :)
Sworn to secrecy. :) But he's sorry, really!
Joss has now 100% for sure posted, in pretty red and everything:

Joss says: OKAY! for the first time ever, someone pretended to be me with some measure of success! Congratulations. Here's exactly what came of it: the brass at the WB saw the post, thought it was me, and got wicked pissed off. The fact is, they are still deciding the schedule, and Angel's future is still in doubt. Making them angry at this stage is, shall we say, unhelpful. Hopefully my colorfulness will make it clear I'm me, I don't have time for the usual funny.
I'm surprised TV execs put that much stock in what they read online. My (perhaps overly) cynical view of those executive types, sees them, pushing 65, penciling in their next shareholder meeting, hoping someone will clue them in on what the kids these days want.
I think TV execs are, like the Sunnydale police, deeply stupid. How else can you explain the cancellation of:

My So-Called Life

As well as the in-question renewal of Angel, while shows like Mr. Personality and Joe Millionaire keep getting green-lighted?

Stupid, stupid tv-exec creatures.
Huh is all I can say about this and gah as well.
"As well as the in-question renewal of Angel, while shows like Mr. Personality and Joe Millionaire keep getting green-lighted?"

You see the ratings for Joe Millionaire?

It's never about art unless it happens to be profitable art.

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