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May 09 2007

Kristy Swanson on Law and Order: CI. The original Buffy will be on NBC's Law and Order: Criminal Intent tonight playing an Anna Nicole Smith-like character. Also click here to see Kristy talk about her role.

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Talk about down-sizing on role choices...
I think it's just tacky. I never watch that show and won't make tonight an exception.
I'm at home sick (with the mumps, yes you can still get it in this day and age!), and just finished watching 'Ferris Bueller'.

I thought, gee that Simone chick looks familiar,and Kristy it was.

But I can't watch her nowadays without thinking 'You were Buffy, man, you had it all. What the hell happened?'

It's a bit sad.
man...i actually tuned in cuz i have, well..had, a thing for Kristy Swanson. did she gain weight FOR that role or did she get that role because she was the right weight?? either way, i still adore her. even after her questionable career choices. not speaking of Buffy of course, she was adorable.
She gave birth only a couple weeks before filming the episode, hence the weight gain.

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