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May 10 2007

Nathan Fillion on tonight's (5/10) Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Our Captain will be a guest on the CBS talk show Thursday promoting Waitress. It airs at 12:35am EST/PST, 11:35pm CST (check local listings).

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I think you have the times mixed up. Letterman is on at 11:30 ET and CT is earlier than ET. I'm pretty sure it should be 12:30 ET/PT and 11:30 CT.

I think I'll set my VCR.
Oh hey. This show actually airs here. I've never seen it so I assumed it wasn't a national show. I'll definitely watch tonight, after seeing a free screening of Waitress for the second time! Heehee.
Waitress is showing in at least 65 theaters starting Friday according to BoxOfficeMojo.

billz was right. Whoo-hoo!

See the map of Waitress USA screenings Waitress showtimes

Mother's Day screenings with free gift bag.

Box Office Mojo Daily chart 5/8/07 5/9/07
Waitress beating Spiderman in theater averages!

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I love Craig Ferguson but I usually can't watch because I work nights. This gave me an excellent excuse to tape it, though. Craig and Nathan are both so funny, it should be a riot.

Don't automatically fast-forward through the monologue to get to Nathan -- Craig has the funniest monologue on late-night TV. Such a cheeky wee monkey...
His (CF) monologue the night his father passed away was truly touching - I was personally blown away - it should be remembered.

As an aside, I was personally rooting for Elvis Costello to take the late late night shift (his guest spot was also memorable tv.) But Craig is brilliant. I haven't watched in a while (due to long work days) but will likewise stay up and/or DVR Nathan's appearance.
Hope this is not too late for those setting machines. Ferguson is on after Letterman in my time zone (PDT) and I think it's the same across the USA. Not sure about Canada. Not sure why the
times mentioned in the original post were given in Standard rather than Daylight unless the post originated in one of the
non-Daylight-using areas.
Heck, I just hope this post works. Think it's my second...
Yeah, newcj gave the correct times but nobody corrected the original. If anyone's thinking of watching, Nathan should be on either right now or after the next commercial break, depending on how long the monologue is. I can't wait to get home and watch! :)
I usually watch Late Night with Conan, but I will make an exception and flip for Nathan just for tonight.
Don't miss this folks. Nathan is great. I think a few fans landed in the audience. Heh. He had some screamers. It was great to see the two of them play off each other. Good stuff.
"Welcome back, my frisky browncoats!" - Craig Ferguson

Report from anyone who was in the audience?
Nathan was great...was this really his first big talk show interview? Loved hearing all the Browncoats in the audience. Being the star of a cult show means you might not be the most famous actor in Hollywood, but your fans scream the loudest.
Goodnight Frisky Browncoats!
I just saw Nathan on tv and he was GREAT! I had a prediction that there were going to be a goodly number of 'coats cheering. I thought it would be funny if there was enough noise to make the host compare Nathan to the beetles, and he did. The so-cal group really came through. Did you see how excited Nathan looked? He even got Furgason to say browncoats. I so hope this is just the first of a talk show tour.
I'm hoping one of us from the SoCal board will post a long recap. But basically the studio holds 113 people. I think there might have been 99 Browncoats there :)

The Frisky Browncoats was done well after Nathan left. They do almost everything out of order. This was near the end, and there had been a little back and forth with some Browncoats in the audience (Button Lady). CF had no clue what a Browncoat is, but played along. He even jokingly asked between filming "None of you are here to see me are you?"

It was a fun day, Nathan got more exposure, and on national TV at that.
I'm watching this right now. Nathan isn't on yet, but Craig Ferguson is hilarious! He's even funnier than Conan. How did I not know about him?
Nathan: "I only hang out with hot guys." 100 screaming fan girls go wild. Heh.
I LOVE Craig Ferguson. He's the best thing to happen to Late Night TV in ages. I used to watch Conan sometimes, but there's absolutely NO comparison - Ferguson is awesome. If I'm not up I always tivo it. There was some great banter with Nathan - he was so cute - and a little bit nervous! And there were TONS of So Cal BCs there - good one gang! I think that Craig was pleasantly surprised by all the hooting and hollering going on. If I lived in So Cal instead of N. Cal, I certainly would have been there. Go Nathan! :)

Our Captain was great, so excited and bouncy! I hope this was just the first of many talk shows, and fame and all that, for Nathan. It certainly seemed that Craig liked him, so -- *hopes*. :-)
Agreed, Nathan was great, the whole interview was fun and funny. I loved the look on Nathan's face when Craig mentioned teaching is steadier work, especially as a friend of mine pointed out "in light of what happened with Drive".

I was amazed at how much they managed to squeeze into that short interview.

LOVED the "Welcome back my frisky little browncoats", I almost plotzed! Of course I'd stopped recording it by then.
Ahh, I would have loved to see that interview. Anyone know if this'll turn up on the interweb somewhere?
Awww, Nathan is just so adorable. I hope there will be more talk show promotion, but unless the film goes into wider circulation, I doubt it. I've never seen him "in person" before, except introducing Joss on the screen writing expo DVD.
I can move the clip from my tivo to my computer-then put it on you tube. anyone know what format you tube likes, resolution etc?
adapa, that would be awesome if you did that! And, no... I really don't know :/
Yeah, Garim!
If anyone sees this on YouTube, please please let us know!
I was going to tape it, but I [hanging head in shame]...fell asleep.
Last time uploaded YouTube could take most formats a source. (Quicktime, AVI, WMV, etc). Ideally you should deinterlace and scale it down to 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels high. I have it on my TiVo but I won't be able to upload it until this weekend. So somebody will probably beat me to it.
I just searched YouTube for "nathan fillion craig" and didn't find it. I missed the broadcast and would love to see it. Thanks a bazillion in advance to anyone who can upload it.
The interview is on

I had tickets to this show but was not able to make it over to Burbank. Stupid job.

So I stayed up til midnight waiting patiently for the Captain to make his appearance. It was worth it. I found myself grinning from ear to ear. I didn't catch the Browncoats reference so it's a good thing I DVRd it.
Electricspacegirl - check Craig Ferguson out a bit more if you get a chance. He's one of the funniest and most ethical people these days in Hollywood. I know I know - that's a total oxymoron.

I saw him speak here in Denver last year and he just blew me away. He is so funny and sharp and aware of what's really going on in the world. YouTube should have a few old monologues of his floating around. He had some VERY interesting things to say about Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith which made me respect him even more.

And to see Nathan and Craig together on one show? I just about died. I thought that was a really fun and funny interview and Craig gave Nathan lots of room to be silly. Craig is the consummate entertainer and he personally picks the guests on his show. I know this is whedonesque and NOT fergusonesque but when my worlds collide - it just makes me VERY happy.
Thanks Dietcoke!! you saved me the learning curve on a busy day.

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That was so worth staying up for! What an ideal pairing of host and guest.

Sigh. I always said that it was a shame Nathan didn't get to do the talk show thing for Serenity. 'Cause a little bit of Nathan is never enough.
Was I dozing at 1:20 this morning, or did they cut out for airing the part where Nathan was talking about how to pick friends (less good looking, or less intelligent, or illiterate)? I thought that was one of the funniest parts.
Oh yeah, they totally cut that out. I forgot about it. And it was really funny too. Got cut for time most likely.
I was so disappointed when I saw Roseanne was on cuz I knew it'd push Nathan down to only one segment. I bet any money, though, that he'll be back -- and soon -- because Craig obviously liked him. How could this be his first talk show? $40 million for Serenity and they couldn't get him on a talk show? Three months of hype for Drive and they couldn't get him on a stinkin' late night talk show???

And Craig's monologue was pretty good -- Stony Blair! Heehee. Bingo wings! Teehee. Hey, wait, I'm developing those on my own. Boo hiss!
I've always thought Craig Ferguson was nigh-onto wonderful, and this just sealed it... they were so enjoyable together... so smooth and relaxed and generous with each other - it could easily have been three times as long and still interesting. Sorry I didn't stay up to watch it on the telebision- just saw the youtube version 'cause *shamefaced* sometimes us older folks just nod out earlier than we used to.

Still finding it hard to believe that this was Nathan's first talk show - for so many reasons...

(And only related in that it's about TV - "Firewalker Pam" on The Office - how cool was watching her walk-and-talk?!!??)
I saw "Waitress" today, and Nathan was awesome in it. He made me want to cry! If he doesn't make Hollywood's A-list soon, I'm going to stop going to movies altogether!

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OK, peeps who went to the studio to watch this being filmed -- what was Nathan's story about picking friends? Explainy, please! ;-)
I'm just gonna copy what I posted on the SoCal board

For those who watched on TV, they cut out a part of Nathan's interview where he talks more about his friends. It was after the hot guys remark. He says he always picks his friends who are in some way not as good as him. Dumber, not as good looking, etc. He did a little act..You can't read? Buddy! It was funny and was probably cut for time.

and a little later Suzanne added

"You can't read?" (arms outstrected in acceptance) "BUDDY!"

Craig said you could have a guy who might have a screwed up pet of some kind, too. Like a guy with a 3-legged dog.

There wasn't much, but they definitely cut some of the interview.
Didn't he say it was his first talk show like this: desk, walk out in front of audience. So that rules out all late night talk shows.
Thank you, thank you, danregal! That was hi-larious, but does make me wonder about MY friends. Hmmm. Which of us is the dumb one? Of course, if I'm asking the question -- yeah, it's my buddies, not me, no doubt! ;-)

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