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"I always had a crush on you, even when I thought you were a dude...this is better."
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May 10 2007

Lin's Bin (WXRT Radio Chicago) used a nice BtVS clip. You can either download or stream the show from their website. It's the one titled "Spiders, part 1." The audio clip of Xander and Willow is about halfway through the five minute show. The rest is an interesting listen as well.


That line always reminds me of Anya's bunny solo in OMWF.

Willow: "What do they all those legs for anyway"
Anya: "What do they need such good eyesite for anyway"

Lin Bremer has been at XRT for a million years now. WXRT has been one of Chicago's best and longest lasting rock stations. It is unfortunately corporate now, so has too many commercial breaks, but its on-air people are among the best in the nation- and the best is Terri Hemmert. Bremer himself is a bit sly on air.
I totally agree, Dana5140. I used to listen to XRT all the time when I lived in Chicago. Thanks for posting this, AuntArlene, and bringing back such good memories. This has nothing to do with anything Whedonesque, but for a fun movie review, listen to "Goin' to the Show with the Regular Guy". I can't believe he's still on there!!
It's one of the few stations still on the air that I listened to in high school.

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