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May 10 2007

TFAW's Current Top 5 Hottest Products-Buffy, Serenity: TLB. Guess Buffy comics must be selling. Serenity: Those Left Behind too. Thought everybody already had that. found this and thought it was shiny. I think so too. Oh, look ad for Buffy on top of page and can snag it.

No surprise. I still want a number three.
Meanwhile, Christopher Butcher of the Toronto comic book store The Beguiling complains that yet again, Dark Horse is doing a bad job of keeping their trades in stock. With this time almost all of the Whedon written or co-written trades are currently out of stock for at least a month if not longer. Seems Dark Horse currently only has Buffy: Tales of the Vampires in stock the other Whedon written or co-written trades have all sold out.
I hope Jo does a signed litho of #3. That cover is Just. So. Cool.

That said, I've ordered the signed #1.

1500 signatures... sorry, Jo.

TFAW have up to #5 available for pre-order. I hope my subscription triggers before they run out of first issues. I've received #1 & #2 so far (scored the 1 in 4 chance of the alternate cover - dammit! Sorry Georges).
Opps! I read on a daily basis, but somehow missed that link, but came across it via Heidi MacDonald's the Beat.
That. Is so cool.

Thought everybody already had that.

Some of us are slackers. I just got mine.

You heard about Serenity: Better Days comic mini-series coming out in September 2007...if memory serves.
Yes, I did. But thanks.

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