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May 11 2007

Pre-viewed copies of Serenity are $5.99 for Netflix members. If you need more copies on hand to give to friends who have shown an interest in the 'verse (membership required for link).

It is currently 3rd on the Best Sellers list after Pirates of the Caribbean and 40-Year-Old Virgin.

I love having Netflix. But I would be concerned about the condition of the DVDs. And since they are always shipped in a little envelope, would it be sold with the original case?

Still, it's a good price.
I have purchased a few in the past and they have always been in good condition. "Every previously viewed movie from Netflix includes the DVD, the original cover artwork, and a DVD hardcover case." They also guarantee the disc for 1 year. The mailer for hard cases is not the same as the paper mailer for sleeves.
Can I get a copy -without- the original cover artwork?

Not that I dont love the llama...
Y'know, that sounds like a great way to get a used copy. Finding a "previewed" one in Video Stores is like hunting for Hen's Teeth :)

I asked at the Eastside Blockbuster here, and they said they hardly ever even make it to the shelves lol. Evidently, everyone who works there owns a used copy or has given one to friends. One salesclerk told me that customers have even gotten them from the clerks as they were being taken to the Shelf!

Love that BDM....

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