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May 11 2007

Chiwetel Ejiofor to play Othello. He'll join Ewan McGregor in the Donmar Warehouse production in London from November 29 to February 23.

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Oh, kickASS. My bestest friend & her husband just moved to London with my goddaughter, and I kept telling them that we'd time our visit for some great London theatre. Here we come...
That's going to ROCK. We are SO there...
This is a great casting combination, and makes me want to seem them together on film as well.
Fantastic - definitely there.
Whoa. Damn. Nice cast.
This is when I am jealous of people living in London. I would love to see this pairing.
I am so asking for one of those random cheap flights to England for Christmas. That would be amazing to see!
Oh, I want this to come to New York!!!
This amuses me, because when a group of us went to see Chiwetel in The Seagull, Ewan McGregor had been to see it that night too!
I can't say it any better than you, Craig Oxbrow:
Whoa. Damn. Nice cast.

Oh how I WISH I could see this!!!
I'm pining on toes. Guys, take some shots and share in the gray. Pretty please!
Great casting, great venue - and it says something very positive about where his reputation is going! Now if only they'd cast Marsters or Denisov as Iago instead of this McGregor guy...
It's a good thing the Whedeonesque news story mentions that the theatre's in London. That's more than the linked story did, which just assumes that everyone knows where the Donmar is. *rolleyes*
Yeah, I actually had to go search for where it was to check because I had *no* clue!

Of course, I was hoping hoping hoping it was some hip New York theater I just hadn't heard of, but, no such luck. ;)
This. Just. Rocks. :-D

Curse you, lack of money, etc., but I hope all our UK peeps get to see this. It should be amazing! :-)
There is a precident here. Frost/Nixon opened at the Donmar, then moved to the West End and then Broadway. So it could end up in the US...

(And it's going to be a movie)
I think this might be the best casting of the play I've ever seen. And I'm not just saying that cos he was in Serenity. They're both absolutely right.

(NB: I'm assuming Chiwetel is playing Othello and McGregor Iago)


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