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May 11 2007

Whedonverse Miis. One person got inspired to create Buffy and Firefly avatars for their Nintendo Wii.

Seeing as I'm more of a last gen console player, I had to look up the relevant Wikipedia entry. Hopefully that explains it for people.

Only one person?
Cue the deluge ;). Some of those are pretty decent (and they're all better than I could manage). If they ever make a Buffy doll that looks like that though it'll be called '3 Day Bender Buffy' ;).

Must confess, the Wii is the first console to tempt me since the Dreamcast, seems quite innovative. If the mix of games is less kiddy than Nintendo's normal standard I may well throw some cash at it (once it's actually possible to buy one without waiting 4 months that is).
I propose the website's address be changed to

Just because.
Well, Cobert and Stewart are good likenesses. Mal's not bad either. But I never thought of Wash's cheekbones being on the same level as Spike's.
I propose the website's address be changed to

Just because.

I totally snorted at that. XD
I was going to post this a couple weeks ago, but I didn't know if it was considered self-linking. I submitted a few Whedonverse Miis to IGN back in April:

It's the third or fourth email down. I made Zoe, River and Spike. Spike was the first non-family member Mii that I created.
If I wasn't bogged down with med school finals, I'd be working on making that jayne mii.
I can't believe I never thought of doing this. I love making the characters. Now, I so have to do this tomorrow.

Also, I must admit to some snorting of my own (Wiidonesque). Ha.
I need to figure out how to take a screenshot of the ones I made. So far I've done Mal, Jayne, Book, Inara, and River.
I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of either the Buffy or the River mii. They both look capable of killing me with their brains!
I propose the website's address be changed to

My sister beat me to making all of the Jossverse miis while I was out. Gahhhhhhhh. not bitter. really I swear.

Also- nothing really comes close to the fun of reliving moments like Buffy vs. Faith in a boxing ring.
A couple friends and I spent the whole of yesterday playing the Wii. It's so incredibly addicting.

I'm pretty good at the boxing if I must say so myself...

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