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May 12 2007

Dexter (starring Julie Benz) DVD now available for pre-order on Amazon. Also up for pre-order is Jeff Lindsay's third 'Dexter' book.

Yeah, but the book doesn't have Julie Benz or Michael Hall. ;-)

Thanks for the heads up, Browncoat! :-)
Mmm Dexter. I'm currently introducing this show to my new housemates. We watched episode 4 last night. I've pre-ordered the DVDs and I'm so happy they're under $30. Very affordable.
I wish they'd hurry. August is too long to wait.
Best new show -- no, best show of the 2006-7 TV season, hands down. Well, in my opinion, anyway. It's a *great* show: blackly humorous, and there are some very Angel:tS thematic parallels, only with less demons, more twisted humor and just as much Julie Benz!
Ah episode 4, first Drew ep. Fabulous in every way.

Yep, the dark humour, the great performances (from everyone but especially the leads), excellent script, excellent (though understated) arc, hell, even the score was brilliant (not to mention the creepily disturbing yet entirely innocuous opening credits). Just a great show. Depending on the day it competes with 'Heroes' for my best new show of 2006-7 (obviously in entirely different ways). A metaphysical show about a serial killer, who'd a thought it ?

If there're decent extras i'll buy it pretty much straight away, otherwise i'll wait for the price to come down but either way i'll be getting it (even the tagline's inspired, how can we lose ?).

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