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May 12 2007

Summer Glau's new show "picked up for next season". According to The Hollywood Reporter, 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' is one of six new shows that Fox has picked up for the 2007/08 season.

Heh. Bets on how many episodes will air before it gets cancelled? :P

(Yes, I'm both bitter and cynical.)
Sadly, VirtualWolf, you're on the right track. On the one hand, I want to believe that since the series has ties to the Terminator film franchise (it's set in between Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines), it might help its chances at staying on the air. Then again, this is FOX we're talking about so, on the other hand, I wonder if I should wait until seven or so episodes have aired, and the series has been picked up before I start watching it. I'm looking forward to it but given FOX's track record, if it is getting picked up, who knows how much of it we'll get to see?
Well, from a purely selfish UK perspective, i'd suggest the Yanks on board watch the first 2 episodes at least (assuming they're interested). Fox seems to look at the opening ratings quite closely so it's more likely to stay on if they're high. On the other hand 2 episodes is probably not enough to absolutely fall in love with the show so you may not get as burned if, despite you watching, the show's still pulled.

I can understand the 'wait and see' perspective but it does maybe seem a bit self-fulfilling. And since the idea is presumably a) to avoid pain and b) to 'teach' Fox to give shows a chance I doubt it'd work anyway (cos a) life is pain ;) and b) Fox don't really seem to be big learners i.e. they'll just assume the show tanked for the usual reasons and carry right on as before).

And if true, yay Summer ;).
Well one factor that the show has going for itself, is the name recognition. So I can see a lot of people tuning in at the start. Whether it will retain the audience is another question.
Hopefully this will be a hit and give Summer her big break.
Yes, all our BDHs deserve a break. The Production Company that owns "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" has the screen rights to the Terminator Franchise as well, so this looks to be a strong contender. Fox not withstanding, if enough folks watch it this show stands more than a fighting chance.

Go Summer!! :)
Summer will kick ass, literally and figuratively!
I'd cheer, but since it's gonna be on FOX... :-/

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Joining VirtualWolf in the bitter and cynical camp. But also understanding that if no one watches because of Fox's track record for canceling shows without giving them a chance, there is a "self fulfilling prophecy" issue.
Watching a new Fox show is kind of like encountering a new potential love interest in R/L, for those who are single. If you don't at least get your toes wet for fear of getting your heart broken yet again .... well, just saying :)
Saje has a point about watching the first 2 shows. Certainly the "wait and see" approach, on any kind of scale would make survival even more unlikely, and faze Fox not one bit. I do understand the desire to avoid pain here, but I for one, pretty much never learned how to do that anyhow.
Congratulations, Summer, but, after Drive -- yikes! Yes, I will definitely watch anyway -- I never, ever learn. :-(

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