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May 12 2007

One of the summer's hottest comic books - Buffy season 8. IGN says "we absolutely guarantee this is going to be one of the best books throughout the summer". Wizard Entertainment also chimes in with the love for the series on their Heat Index, "action-packed and overflowing with Whedon's patented snappy patter".

On an anecdotal note, I was in my local comic book shop yesterday here in Belfast and I saw that they had just got in around thirty copies of the Buffy #2 second printing.

Astonishing X-Men and Joss and John get mentioned in the #3 slot: "X-MEN." The award goes to the Carey/Bachalo title, but they say not to "deprive yourself of a great book" that is Astonishing.
Really looking forward to #8, Annihilation: Conquest myself. The first Annihilation was surprisingly brilliant, and judging by the creative teams, this one will at least match it.
I've never been a great comic book reader, but I wanted to find out what happens next in the Buffyverse, so it's a no brainer. And I've not been disappointed. It's dramatic, funny & sexy; vintage Joss.
I was shopping in my local comic shop and was talking to the owner about Buffy when he suddenly remembered that he had something I may be interested in, turns out it was a poster-sized version of issue 1 signed by Jo Chen! Yeah, its now resting safely in my loft. :o)
I was really pleased to see a review in the 'Green Guide' the TV and radio section of The Age newspaper here in Melbourne. It's available online though registration (free) may be required: Buffy's slaying alive. The review includes spoilers for issues 1 and 2.

The paper have shown great support for Buffy and Angel in the past so it's good to see the enthusiasm. The paper version concludes with a link to whedonesque.

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