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"On the hood of a police-car?"
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May 12 2007

Nathan Fillion - the intrepid journalist. If you're going to watch just one video interview today, let it be this one.

Heh, those guys ! I think I might just pop into town and get the 'Slither' DVD, the commentary surely has to be big with the funny.

Good point about platypi too. They get a bad rap cos of the whole egg-laying mammal thing but they're cool (albeit hard to market - yep, just there, that's where the metaphor went "ping!" ;). I am also definitely a platypus lover.

(well, y'know, not lover ... ;)
Not enough Nathan, to much strange other guy.
(well, y'know, not lover ... ;)

Right, 'cause that would be wrong...
Awww, I like strange other guy.

But yeah, not enough Nathan. Never enough Nathan.
Nathan should totally be in The Office! I'm also waiting for him to guest star on Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and The Shield. There's my wish list, make it so.
Yeah, Nathan in the Office... good idea. Also found the "Serenity and Slither poorly distributed" comments to be interesting. The reporter brought that up, opinion disguised as a question, and James danced around it rather well.

I like Platypus too, but we're just good friends...
Nah. Nathan sould be in Torchwood playing Capt. Jacks brother.

Oh, come on, surely it's not just me that can see the similarity between Nathan and John Barrowman.
SLiTHER commentary with Director James Gunn and Nathan Fillion "big with the funny". Also the DVD is packed with extras...James Gunn tried to add the trailer and was told there was no more room.

Especially, the "Who is Bill Pardy?" extra. Get it and you will find out why some of us think "I'm Bill Pardy" is so funnnnnny!
You know what really says what's wrong with Hollywood?

Nathan Fillion being unemployed.
I'd rather Nathan show up on Torchwood to play Jack's lover. Mmmm Capt. Jack.
Here are a couple more video clips from at the Saturn Awards:

Nathan on the red carpet

James Gunn and Nathan Fillion

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Loved the FOX snark from the reporter and Nathan's reaction to Drive being canceled on the red carpet interview. It was good hearing that Nathan has had some interesting meetings.
Platypi are cool, but Platypus Man - now that was some funny.

RIP, Richard Jeni.
Great little interview. James Gunn is a talented and fun director. I'm very happy that Nathan is friends with him. He could pop up again in one of Gunn's pictures.

The Slither DVD has tons of extras. I spent one night watching nothing but special features. Nathan was behind the handheld again being Nathan.
Just FYI people have reported getting virus warnings from this page.
BrownCoat_Tabz .... I couldn't even get to the video, every aspect of my security from three different sources directed me away from it. And I have my security settings set very low. Anyone else?
I think Nathan should guest star in Battlestar Galactica... as a cylon.

Now that would be shiny.
The first time I tried the link I did indeed get invaded by one of those Viral Sites that try to sell you a Virus Blocker (How cheesy is That?).
The second time, no problem.
Isn't the DVD ad on for Adam Baldwin's new movie "The Thirst".

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