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May 12 2007

"How I Met Your Mother" Rumored to be Renewed. A 3rd season of the Alyson Hannigan starring sitcom appears on a version of CBS' fall schedule that's currently making the rounds.

Hope it's true, this show definitely deserves renewal.

Yeah! I love that show. Everyone is very funny on that show.
Alyson is great but Barney is the greatest! Suit Up!
I love this show too, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't renewed!
I'm still waiting for Barney to say "Space suit up!" Maybe next season.
*crosses fingers*

Already got the wonderful news that 'Friday Night Lights' was renewed, see what happens when you deal with a network that isn't FOX?
HIMYM DEFINITELY deserves a renewal. As does Veronica Mars, which reportedly has a good chance to being picked up, now that GG is gone - however badly it went - and now that they've seen the new direction for VM S4.

Maybe the networks are waking up a bit...?

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