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May 12 2007

Buzz on Eliza Dushku's new show. TV Upfronts to be announced starting Monday and nearly everyone writing about it calls Nurses a shoo-in. And it looks like lots of other cool actors have promising shows this season -- ABC seems to have dibs on the lion's share of 'em.

Ummm, it's spelled "shoo-in." (Sorry, I'm just being annoying.)

And while I'm glad for ELiza that this loooks good, the description is making me wonder. Westerns in the late 50s (30 in prime--time when there were only 3 networks) "straight" medical shows in the late 60s (sort of, not quite so dominant) and cop shows int he mid-70s. Is this show just part of a saturation?

And (doesn't apply to me as a TV hodad) but I can imagine _New AMsterdam_ being a _Wonderdalls-Firefly_ sort of'll develop a passionate core of fans (probably including some folks who come here) who'll be furious at the cancellation.

Actually it might not happen;this is the post-BtVS age after all so perhaps there'll be more sueprnatural eelments in it and it might catch on, if it's done well enough.

But it could easily be played like such 70s artifacts as Bearcats, The Immortal, The Six-Million Dollar Rip-off, The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman,Fantasy Island, The Incredible Hulk, Supertrain and such failed pilots as Vampire or Phoenix ; a single sc-fi or fantasy or horror or "pulpy" core idea in an otherwise normal surrounding world. A format that I don't think can be revived today.
Ummm, it's spelled Eliza with a lowercase 'l' ;) Corrected the text in the link description :)
Adam Baldwin's new show, Chuck, is also mentioned as a shoo-in.
Noticed some confirmation in the list that The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Summer Glau) will be in Fox's Line-up. Also noticed that they had the largest number of "on the cusp" shows at 14. Kind of figures, huh? Keep a stable of Shows you can cancel prematurely...
What can I say, "zg," except that ELiza inspires me to SHout JUst a LIttle?
It's depressing how many of the interesting-looking (and 'verse-linked) shows are for Fox and therefore risk that network's usual treatment of anything worthwhile. :-(
Nurses is definitely better than Tru Calling, or at least the pilot was. Tom Lenk also guest stars in it with some cringeworthy dialogue. It has some possibilities, but had she not been in it I can't say the show would have grabbed my attention at all. This probably means it will run for at least 2 seasons.
Some of the listed pilots are truly awe-inspiring. In particular, I didn't realize until now just how much my life was missing a wacky workplace comedy starring Shaggy and Pee Wee.

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Goddess and Gods, is there nothing better out there for as talented an actor as Eliza than a "soapy dramady", on Fox no less?
I didn't ever see Tru Calling .... odd issues with the only available satellite service in my extremely rural corner of Hawaii, where there is no TV reception *at all* without satellite, means we didn't get the WB/don't get the CW .... but this sounds like a step down from almost anything.
'Tru Calling' had a good premise but started off a bit shaky (not the acting or even usually the scripts, more the way it was filmed - the most annoying aspect for me being the constant 'flash reminders' of what had just happened. Hello ? Short term memory not quite as short term as a goldfish) so whether this is a step up or down remains to be seen ('Tru' really picked up towards the end of season 1 IMO, didn't watch the few episodes of season 2 that were made).

Obviously I haven't seen 'Nurses' but I can imagine people thinking "Oh no, not another hospital drama" just before the first episode of 'ER' played. Then hospital dramas done and went and changed forever. Genre isn't necessarily enough to judge.

(and interesting to see "I'm With Stupid" and "The IT Crowd" both getting the US make-over. Didn't watch them over here but heard good things and varying reports, respectively)
"Goddess and Gods, is there nothing better out there for as talented an actor as Eliza than a "soapy dramady", on Fox no less?"

Well there was that thing about a Faith spinoff. That she didn't do.

But my real issue about this article is that I see that Joel McHale from The Soup has a pilot. JOEL MCHALE! FROM THE SOUP!
Does this mean that he won't be doing The Soup anymore? My lip is quivering already. I LOVE that show.

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What can I say, "zg," except that ELiza inspires me to SHout JUst a LIttle?

:) After I wrote that I started thinking "E-Liza"? Ooh, who wouldn't want an electronic Liza? Wait, Liza Minelli?!? Ack!!! Abort! Abort! Abort!

Saje - The IT Crowd is okay, but nothing special. Amusing, but you wouldn't really care if you missed it.

I'm right there with you! All I know is that NBC better allow Joel to still tape The Soup over at E!. That show makes my week and does a great job of skewering all things insipid in our culture (mainly "reality" shows and other offal of that nature).
I'll make the same comment I made on Summer's Terminator thread: Congratulations, Eliza, but after Drive -- yikes! I will watch it anyway, because I never, ever learn. :-(

Plus, yeah, I also hope The Soup will continue as is, esp. since there's no way to know if the new NBC show for Joel would last more than a few weeks *coughAndyBarkerPIcough*. ;-)

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