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May 12 2007

Great Comic Moments - April - a certain scene from Buffy #2! A hilarious moment from the second issue gets picked by a Mania blogger.

That is my favorite scene in the comics so far. It's so weird and funny and "deep." (The whole scene in Buffy's room, not just Xander's head popping off, although that is of course hilarious and awesome.)
I dunno, THAT OTHER dream sequence image is still burned in my brain. Yeah, THAT ONE.
THAT ONE is probably one of those things easier done in the comics than on screen... Talk about special effects...
Well, we'd have to ask Buffy how special the 'effect' was (but two trains might be challenging on a TV budget ;).
The fact that you warn not to click on the link if you haven't read issue #2 after you tell what happens in the issue in the link title makes the warning pointless.
dear flightofserenity... i was simply quoting the title of the article. don't shoot the messenger
buffycomics, if the title contains a spoiler, it would be polite to use some non-spoilery text as the link. If I hadn't already read the comics, I'd be feeling as upset as flightofserenity now.
Issue 2 has been out for a while now so I wouldn't consider anything from that issue a spoiler anymore. But you don't have to quote the title of an article when writing a headline (and this goes out to everyone btw).

So for the benefit of everyone who is not sure, here's my guide of how to talk about the scene in question when it doesn't need a spoiler tag ( but you want to take into consideration that some people may be waiting for the trades and have not read that issue).

Link title

"Great Comic Moments - April - Xander's Head Pops Off!

Subject description

"If for some reason you still haven't read issue #2, don't open this link".

We would go with:

Link title

"Great Comic Moments - a certain scene from Buffy #2!"

Subject description

"A hilarious moment from the second issue gets picked by a Mania blogger".

So I'll change over to that and everybody wins.

Anyhow back to the scene in question, as I have spoken and have not had my lunch.

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