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May 12 2007

Studio 360 interviews Joss about Buffy Season 8. Also available as a podcast at the iTunes store.

A friend who got the first three issues this week e-mailed, "I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the Buffy comic books!"
I thought this covered a lot of ground for a short interview meant for a general audience. I liked that they ended it with the clip from "Going Through the Motions."

There was another mention of Buffy on NPR awhile ago, but it was in the middle of an interview about "the new media." I can't find it at the moment though. It was an interesting interview overall.
What a wonderful Interview! I recently bought Issue #1 of Season Eight, and I'm hooked; gotta get the rest :)
Interesting interview.
For some reason, I couldn't get this file to play via the link - so I went to iTunes store, searched for "Studio 360" and subscribed to the show - it is now downloaded on my computer as an mp3 - which is sorta to be preferred, anyway. And I got the bonus of hearing from Jonathan Miller.

Good interview, albeit a little short - well, interviews with Joss almost always feel a little short - nice that it goes into OMWF after the actual interview.

"Oh, that's what that noise in my head is - it's those guys chattering..."

"I love comic books - and that medium informed the sensibility of the show from the start."

"There wasn't a script that I didn't do some tweakage on... that's always the job."

Apparently we hardcore fans who like the comics - according to Eric Molinsky - are taking refuge in a sanctuary for "geeks and nerds." :> Nice.

*wears G & N banner proudly.*
Great find. Thanks for posting this.
Thanks for the iTunes heads-up, QuoterGal. Highly preferably for a Mac user like me over the dread RealPlayer.
Up the Mac. Macs Rule. Macs Forever.

We are a five-Mac household... and growing...
Yes, very nice, now let's return to the interview rather than have a software/hardware debate.
i didn't find the interview very thrilling... it pretty much covered ground that tons of other interviews with Joss and Dark Horse already covered, would've been nice if they aksed him something new or revealed something coming up... aside from mentioning there is a a new comic book, they don';t even talk about the subj. matter of it. It felt more like a press release or something
Aww, Joss man, the only worthwhile awards have rocket ships and planets on them. It's a rule. Golden men ? Pfft. Schmolden schmen more like.

Nice interview, if brief. Audio is always, strangely, more convincing than plain text.

(and never mind 'alone', it's when The First calls Buffy 'little girl' that you know she's gonna kick its arse twenty different ways and a bonus way on Sundays ;)

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"INfamous" musical?? Doesn't that usually mean bad in a way?
it pretty much covered ground that tons of other interviews with Joss and Dark Horse already covered

I think for a general audience, most of which is not actively following the comic, the fact that Buffy continues in comic form was the really important point to get across. I don't think spoilers would add anything to an interview in this particular context.

It felt more like a press release or something

Aren't all interviews to some degree? But the ones I like best get beyond that. And what I like about Joss Whedon interviews is that he usually talks about bigger scale stuff. So even though it was a short interview, there was some discussion of what he's interested in as a writer.

"INfamous" musical?? Doesn't that usually mean bad in a way?

I thought that was an odd choice of words too. Maybe the interviewer didn't like the musical?
The direct link for the MP3 is if that helps.
Re: "infamous", I suspect that the interviewer just wasn't being careful. A lot of people (mis)use the word to mean "famous in a daring way." From the tone of the rest of the interview, I really doubt if it's intended to be negative.
It was probably intended to be more of a Tongue in Cheek comment, most likely. The Commentator's tone had no animosity at all.
"A noise in the head." Wonderful interview! Thanks for the read, ReaverTam:)
I've added the link to the podcast at the iTunes store.
Always wonderful to hear Splatty-Boy speak.
Great interview!

Although it did hurt listening to the crap that came before it. Heh.
Haven`t listened to it yet. But, for anyone looking for a direct download link, just check the rss feed, then you won`t even need to subscribe for the whole podcast to get the episode in question.
Is there a transcript of this interview?
Jawohl, vee don't all haff speakers! *g
Oh boy, being a big NPR geek, I love it when they talk about Buffy. I go back periodically and listen to the final episode discussion on "Talk of the Nation" which is excerpted in this story. (Link for anyone interested.

Thanks for finding this. I can't believe I missed it on the air.

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