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May 13 2007

Mark Sheppard on BSG podcast. Scifi has released a bonus podcast with Mark Sheppard and BSG writer Michael Angeli.

Mark Sheppard (Firefly’s Badger) recently did a guest spot on Battlestar Galactica as defense attorney Romo Lampkin. has released a bonus podcast with Mark Sheppard and writer Michael Angeli, for the episode "The Son Also Rises". Those unfamiliar with the Battlestar Galatica podcasts should know that they are essentially "DVD – commentaries", ie, they are meant to played along with the episode. They include a beep sound, which is where you pause the podcast while there are commercials in the TV episode (as aired on US television). They also seem to be recorded on the fly where ever a TV is present, so sound quality may be a bit iffy, and include swearing, drinking, smoking, phone calls and other people butting in (though not all happen on this one) – there are also pauses where the involved parties get wrapped up in what happens on the screen, and the old DVD favorite: Describing what happens on the screen, which is handy if you just download the mp3 to listen to, but not so much if you have the picture.

The link is to the season 3 podcast page where you can subscribe and listen to them all, or if you prefer to scroll down to episode 18 where it says bonus podcast with Mark Sheppard and just get the mp3.

Cool. They better do lots more of these to tide us over till the fall.

Oh, and bring back Romo! New series regular!!
Awsome! And despite the varying quality, the BSG podcast is definitely one of the most interesting and insightful tv commentaries out there.

Sure hope Romo comes back next season, one of the best characters this show has had.

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