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May 13 2007

Buffy's Gentleman Doug Jones signs autographs in Burbank, CA May 15th. This will be his last personal appearance for 2007 as he is off to start filming Hellboy II. He will be there to sign copies of the Oscar winning film "Pan's Labyrinth".

he was so great in pan's...hmmm, might have to make a trip.
I you have the chance to go talk to him, definitely do it. Doug Jones is good people, and in his own words, "he loves his Buffy fans."

(And pass along that I got the Hellboy animated DVD since I spoke with him at the New Star Con in the Netherlands, and that he's great in it. :-p)
If you have the chance to listen to him talk, don't miss it. His session at Grand Slam was one of the highlights for me. Really interesting and FUNNY guy. Plus, he can put his leg behind his head standing up! And did.

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