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May 14 2007

Joss inspires faith. A new book, just published, in the UK and USA about one family's experience of Huntington's Disease who found some inspiration from the good Shepherd in "Serenity".

A tenuous link to Serenity and all things Whedonesque but a very inspiring one. A new book called "Learning to live with Huntington's disease: one family's story" by Sandy Sulaiman and family is a very moving accouont of how one family is coping with this disease. Sandy is a big fan of David Boreanaz (aren't we all?) but a section of the book that struck me particularly is the chapter written by Sandy's husband, Phil, in which he talks about the need to have faith so that they can overcome any obstacle and he paraphrases Shepherd Book's last speech to Mal about the need to believe. It's a wonderful book, and testament to Joss' ability as a writer and director to inspire us all.

Also a little funny when you consider Joss himself is a die-hard atheist.
"I don't care WHAT you believe in. Just believe it!"

You don't have to be an altar boy to get the glory of that.
Also a little funny when you consider Joss himself is a die-hard atheist.

"When I talk about faith, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?"
Faith, belief without reason, is - much like the slayer of the same name - very dangerous.
The fact that Joss is an atheist has nothing to do with his affect on these people. The stories that he tells which inspire us and give us hope isn't about religion--it's about finding courage, inner strength and yeah, doing the impossible. This family is proof of that.

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There are powerful themes that are associated with religion, but that don't necessarily have to be.

(Or what bix, My Serenity, and the original Mysterious Preacher Man already said so well.)

Edited to be actually on topic.

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" '’I'm a very hard-line, angry atheist,'’ Whedon says. '’Yet I am fascinated by the concept of devotion. And I want to explore that.' " – Joss Whedon, in Emily Nussbaum’s Must-See Metaphysics, NYTimes, 09/22/02

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