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May 11 2003

Chaos Bleeds @ E3 An overview & list of features of the game.

Vote for how psyched you are for the release of the game.

For more evil-killing action, I recommend Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick, due out on May 26.
I'm looking forward to the next Buffy game; I found the first one very enjoyable and playable. I just hope they improve on the game's camera a bit and add in-level saves. That would make things just about perfect.
Ripper Giles? Cool, I like the idea of Buffy fighting against him.
"Playable characters each have unique combat styles & weapons, including flamethrowers, crossbows, battle axes, pitchforks, and even water guns."

... Holy water guns I should think. Hee!

And Ripper Giles??

Damn I want this game. Guess we'll gave to upgrade to a PS2 pretty soon.
Okay, two things I noticed off the bat on this page -- The Collective is unfortunately not the developer and Fox is not the publisher. It looks like certain things such as the user interface and the character models have been carried over, but now I'm worried that the game won't be as good as the first one, as The Collective did a great job on the first Buffy game as well as similar games for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Indiana Jones franchises. :(
Just to note: Fox didn't publish the first game, either; Electronic Arts did. Fox just licenses the property.

I am also a little sad that The Collective is out; they really seemed to care about getting it right. Still, let's give the new guys a chance. As long as people who really understand the show are involved, as it appears they are, the game has every chance to be great.
Eurocom is the developer for Chaos Bleeds. Looking at their website (, it seems that they specialize in movie and TV tie-ins, ports, and sequels based on properties other developers started. I haven't played any of their games, but I'd say that they're pretty experienced at making this sort of game. If their games were terrible, I doubt they would have been asked to make this one. Just a thought.
jlp, I thought it was Fox, but you're right, it was Electronic Arts. My bad.

voodoo_daddy, most movie and TV-based videogames are usually really crappy. Recent cases in point are the Dark Angel (4.0/10 for the PS2 on IGN, 3.8/10 for the PS2 and Xbox on GameSpot) and the Evil Dead: Hail to the King (4.5/10 for the PS1, 3.6/10 for the DC on IGN; 4.2/10 for the PS1, 4.5/10 for the DC version on GameSpot) videogames. I'm looking at this new Evil Dead installment with skepticism unless they can fix the bugs that plagued HttK like the control scheme.

That's why I thought the Buffy and Indiana Jones (add 007 with Agent Under Fire and Nightfire) games were pleasant surprises because they were faithful translations that were fun to play.

I just found out I through a friend that I'll be going to E3 thanks to some guest passes so hopefully I'll be able to play the Buffy sequel, talk to the Eurocom developers, and see how it is for myself later this week.

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