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May 14 2007

See a preview of Adam Baldwin's new show "Chuck". Which also features another verse guest, Tony Todd.

I'm not exactlly sure what to make of it. Kinda a comedic version of Jake 2.0, I guess. What do you think? Will it make it to mid-season?

Chuck looks okay, but The Bionic Woman looks great.
Bionic Woman looks awesome! I'm totally watching that.
Chuck looks a little bit too slapstick for my taste, I kinda actually expected to see more similarities pointed in some reports to Jake 2.0 (which was a great Davig Greenwalt show, that also did not go far).

Bionic Woman looks great (Katee looks awesome as the original one).

As I'm a freak for time travel stories, I'll definetely check Journeyman.
I'm not going to watch a show called "chuck" - get a grip programmers.
*cough* people said the same thing about a show called Buffy. *cough*
Chuck looks good. Journeyman, IMHO, looks like a less compelling version of Quantum Leap.
I have to echo the Bionic Woman excitement. Looks like a winner to me. Although, Chuck had me laughing, I just wish that people would cast Adam in roles other than police/law enforcement. He's so much MORE than that.
I agree with William the Bloody here, although "Journeyman" could be a variation of Slaughterhouse Five. I mean, does the title character have any control over his time-jumping? We shall see here.

Quantum Leap had a protagonist who supposedly couldn't control when and where he jumped though time (though I have seen speculation where it's suggested Sam is subconsciously picking out events that had heard about via the news or read while they were programming the supercomputer in the series). Though, in Quantum Leap's case, it was more God in the driver's seat than aliens;)
I hope the best for Adam, he richly deserves to be in a hit. So far, The Bionic Woman is the only pilot to really grab my attention. It's still so early, though. This time last year, I was fully expecting to be a die-hard Studio 60 fan, and didn't even suspect that two dark horses called Heroes and Friday Night Lights would win my undying love.

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