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May 12 2003

(SPOILER) Angel Renewed : AICN, via Variety is reporting Angel got picked up for a full fifth season. (Casting spoilers in link and post)

Spike is in, Cordelia not so much.

Good news all round then!
Well, apart from Cordelia being out and Spike in. YMMV. Spike as a recurring character could be cool. As a regular? Hmm.
i echo barry's sentiment about good news. lately cordelia's been... not so super great, as characters go. her part shrank so significantly within the last two seasons. starting with her "vacation" with groo and really never picking back up. i thought the cordy/angel stuff was forced and fakey after connor was born. and they could've gone to so many better places with her demon-ness.
Spike and Angel? Me bets you could cut the tension with a knife!
Good stuff, let's hope it's not going to be an evil remake of L.A. Law .

Tony Head said that Giles might be guesting on Angel as well :)
Hmm... Did Charisma have a falling out then, or what? Cordy has come a long way, I think.
After reading this board for the past few months, I finally had to join upon hearing this news. This is great stuff and with Smallville as a lead-in, hopefully Angel numbers will skyrocket.
Man oh man... That is some huge news! I never really considered that Cordy would be out. Still, if she had been out coming into last season, I would have been seriously bummed. But this year? Not so much. Her character has deteriorated over the last year and she doesn't seem to have much of a purpose on the show anymore. I really thought that Connor's story was over with the finale, but maybe not... Hm.

And having Smallville as a lead-in should seriously kick some bootie! There's a significant cross-over of the fan-base, moreso than with Charmed, and its ratings are huge! God, there's such potential here... I'm all excited! :D
I am absolutley estatic about this news spike will rock, James Marsters does a good job. I cant wait...
Fantastic news! Shame it's Cordy out & not Connor .... but great news about Spike .... I can't wait either!
Of course, we're still looking at a vastly different show coming our way in the fall. As they've been saying, the season finale set things up, but a lot of what we know and love about Angel is going away. The finale was basically a pilot for a new show. Given the people involved, I'm hoping it'll be just as good, if not better.

How they're going to keep Conner in the story, I don't know. But they've obviously still got stories to tell, so the renewal is great news.
I'm kinda disappointed that we won't get the chance to see Cordy's character rehabilitated - as in returned to former glory, not redeemed, bah - but maybe they can still make her appearances in season 5 meaningful and worthwhile. The decision not to return probably had more to do with Charisma's new baby than anything else.

As for Spike, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they do this right. Could be great, could suck beyond the telling of it; we'll just have to see.
This just makes my day! I'm glad that "Angel" is going to get the chance to tell the story they started with the finale. Having "Smallville" as a lead-in is awesome - talk about a great build-up. And having James Marsters added to the cast is excellent. The stuff that can go on between Angel and Spike - lots of possibilities there, and the potential for great storytelling. I'm not entirely sorry to see Cordy go - I really did not like what they did to her character this year. I also think that becoming a new mom had something to do with her decision. I applaud that, if that's the case, as a mom myself.
I scrupulously avoid spoilers (including casting spoilers!), and in the past have always been able to count on Whedonesque to always mark them. So, imagine my horror this morning, when casually browsing Whedonesque I saw "Angel Renewed : AICN, via Variety is reporting Angel got picked up for a full fifth season. Spike is in, Cordelia not so much." Ironically this item runs directly after the one about how David Fury loathes spoilers. Knowing that Spike survives Season 7 is a spoiler, folks! Can you please fix this?!
While you could apply that logic to call just about *anything* a spoiler -- "What? Cordelia's out? That must mean she survived Season 3, which I'm only just now watching on DVD. Spoiler!" -- you might have a point. Something like "a familiar face joins the cast next season" instead of specifically mentioning Spike would probably have worked just as well.
While I believe Spike survives Season 7, Just remember Darla was a big player on Angel, long after her death on Buffy.
I see a lot of people complaining about the direction of Cordy's character the last season but let's remember the the writers had to find a way to write her pregnancy into the story as well as have a plan for her to disappear during the last five episodes of the show. With that in mind, I think they did a great job within there limitation plus they did give Ms. Carpenter a totally new aspect of her character to play (outright evil) even if she was kinda campy with it.
My apologies to "midgeglass" or anyone else thrown by the lack of spoiler tag when first posted. It seemed non-issue at the time since it was in big print on the AICN site, Variety was reporting it (which means every other news outlet will have it in 12 hours) and there's 4 months between now and next season, making it virtually impossible not to get wind between now and then (even internationally). Me do better next time. Spolier bad. Tree Pretty. ;-)
Ah, it's ok quixado. I've done the same thing multiple times. Besides, just 'cause Spike turns up in LA this fall doesn't mean things are gonna be rosy for him at the end of Buffy. I'm spoiled to the hilt and I'm still not sure what happens to Spike.
Unreality: if it hasn't aired yet, it's a spoiler. If it has aired and you just haven't seen it, then tough noogies. I think that's the accepted definition.
Well first - phew. Thank you WB.

Personally I would have been happy if Spike redeemed himself in the Buffy series finale in a blaze of dusty glory. Poor James Marsters having to suffer another year of oozing pus on his head ... I guess the paycheck makes up for it. Seems the show will be rather short on women now that Cordy will be an occasional visitor. Is this why Gwen the electrochick randomly showed up here and there in season 4 - to set her up as a pseudo regular for season 5?
Both quixado and midgeglass have very valid points about spoilers and this news going to be blasted all over the media. Once the WB announce officially tomorrow, I'll have a look at the press release and see if it's spoiler free.

Maybe Spike will announce at the end of the Buffy finale that he's off to L.A. but I doubt it will be that simple.
Have to pipe in here to say I forgot to go 'yay' for the Angel pick up! Now if they can add someone to the cast that I can fawn over, I'll be a very happy Prol.
At the very least they're getting a writer we can fawn over... Drew Goddard said on the Succubus Club that he was holding out for Angel before looking at other offers. Whoo-hoo!
Whoa! Is there any confirmation that they're actually picking him up? I keep hearing about "Buffy writers going over to Angel" but no names have been named :-)
So Spike replaces Cordelia - again. Thats got to be some kind of record :-)
Anya replaced Cordelia the first time. Spike replaced Angel. And the article doesn't say there will be no Cordelia, it just says she will no longer be a "full-time" cast member. She could just be scaled back to a Lorne style of appearances. I am curious how they're going to work Connor back in to the show though.
spike replaced cordelia as in he became a regular and she stopped.

but, if you want to look at it character-wise, Riley replaced Angel. Spike was just his own man.
Does anyone else see Connor returning as a superhero ally of the team without brooding and only Angel knowing that he is his son?

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