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May 15 2007

David Boreanaz Up for Sub-Mariner? According to Superhero Hype!, there is a whiff of a rumor that David may be up for playing the title character of Namor in a big screen adaptation of Marvel Comics' Sub-Mariner.

Just a rumor so far, but who knows? It'd be an interesting choice.

David in anything new is pretty damn exciting, not as exciting as if he were playing Angel again but exciting none the less.
This guy is wickedly talented and pretty easy on the eyes too. :)
I love David, but I can't see him as Namor.
He did go for Superman Returns and another superhero film (which escapes my memory at the moment).
They could always put him up for the next Batman movie.
*giggle snort*
Well, he did get plenty of underwater experience when they threw Angel in that cage and dumped him into the sea. ;)

Seriously, it would seem to me that the actor who plays Namor would need a 'swimmer's physique', whereas David is built more like...well, a hockey player.
I'm not a big Subby fan but Namor is a good choice for DB...for the one or two of you that aren't familiar, The Submariner is the leader of an underwater society with great contempt towards mankind. He also broods alot and thats why I think he would be a good choice. I miss brooding DB...Bones DB is too cocky. Bring back the dark, brooding DB!

I think the best superhero role for DB is the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. He's an old school tough guy. He can kick your ass but doesn't need tell you how tough he is...Just rub him the wrong way and you'll find out for yourself.
Hey, what's going on with this link on the front page? It looks like it's gotten somehow merged with something else...
I think there is an open tag somewhere. I had one in my post but I fixed it. Check yours out and see if you have one.
I didn't see a tag in mine. Hmm...
We seem to be missing a bunch of links as well between your post and mine.
I don't have a way to check the database directly, so I would have to say the only way I know of to clean it up is to delete and re-post both.
I don't what was going there but I think I've sorted it out.
Just saw a Sub-Mariner cover featuring the heavily muscled, mostly naked Prince Namor, who doesn't have what I'd think of as a swimmer's physique, Shiai.

In fact, the guy looks a lot like a certain heavily muscled, half-naked guy whose photo was posted here recently, for just a while. Maybe David Boreanaz wanted to be photographed shirtless to demonstrate how well he'd fit the Namor role. Just a thought.

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I also love the dark and broody David. Long live dark and broody David. I like the half naked David in a feature too. This is all of the good.
Would be great to see hime doing something high profile.
David half naked would be a sight to the sore eye....and yes i miss broody DB...

But i miss Angel more than anything....

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