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May 15 2007

Ultimate fan thrill - Kevin Smith talks about Joss and Firefly. In the middle of this utterly huge interview at Rotten Tomatoes, Kevin criticises US networks for not sticking with their shows and brings up Joss and Firefly as examples.

The section on television starts on the previous page if people want to place the whole thing in context.

Later on in the interview, Kevin talks about movie lines and Joss' joke on X-Men comes up.

U: I believe Joss Whedon did the line, "You know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning?" in X-Men which was about all they kept from his rewrites on that script.

KS: Crap joke. [laughs]

JU: Terrible joke; but in the context of Whedon I can see how that joke might have played.

KS: Yeah, but in the context of that film though it was just a bad delivery and it didn't quite pan out.

Finally bought and watched "An Evening with Kevin Smith" last week and the very next day I ordered "Evening 2". I find his films to be quite patchy ('Dogma' was pretty good, 'Mallrats' not bad the rest of what i've seen I can take or leave) but he's a really entertaining, witty, forthright speaker.

And wasn't there a kerfuffle a while back because he'd said he wasn't into 'Firefly' despite Jason Mewes insisting he watch it ? Looks like he might've finally caved ;).

(also, i'm sure I remember Joss saying "You're a dick" was one of his too. Shows how a Whedon line works when it's delivered properly)
KS talking about his experience when hired to write Superman makes me wonder what Joss went through during the WW job. Did she have to fight a giant spider in act three?

(It's on Youtube if you haven't seen it)
I was under the impression Kevin Smith was not a fan of Firefly or Buffy for that matter. This is interesting.

I had no idea that line was a Whedon line. It was probably one of the worst lines of the entire first X-Men. I literally wince every time I see that scene.
It's the delivery that really sinks it though. It's meant to be a throw-away. Imagine Buffy saying it: it would be light, as if she couldn't be bothered with coming up with a better line. She might even acknowledge it isn't her best bantering with an eye-roll or shrug. But Halle put so much DRRRAAAAAMMMMAAA into saying it, it came off cheesy, over-the-top, and just bad. And yes, the "dick" line was Joss' too.

And I don't think Kevin activly hated Firefly... wasn't it that he had never watched it? And wasn't he put off by Mewes pushing it so hard?
Exactly. The stentorian delivery sinks the line under about a hundred weight of cheese. And, likewise, it's the off-hand casualness of "You're a dick" that makes it funny and cool.

And yeah, that was my impression, that 'everyone' (or maybe just Mewes) telling Smith how great it was and how much he'd love it made the contrarian in him rebel.

Could be he's relented and watched it or (reading it again) it could be he's just talking in general terms (e.g. he doesn't say "Firefly deserved to stay on because it was so good" he basically says "Firefly deserved to stay on because Joss Whedon has a proven track record" which doesn't require him to have actually seen any of Joss' shows).

(and the spider story was hilariously baffling zz9. I'd heard about the 'No flying' rule but the third act spider was new. Simultaneously funny and chock-full of 'WTF ?' moments ;)
Kevin Smith...bleh.
Thanks for the link, Simon. Smith is always a good interview and that was a great read.
Saje: "And wasn't there a kerfuffle a while back because he'd said he wasn't into 'Firefly' despite Jason Mewes insisting he watch it ? Looks like he might've finally caved ;)."

There was, there was indeedy... October, 2006: Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) has not seen Firefly/Serenity.

Later on in this interview, Kevin talks about trying to find roles for *sigh* Alan Rickman in his productions, and mentions Our Eliza in the same breath:

"So in the case of Alan it's really about figuring out something that you want to call in for, you know, because he's such a great actor and you don't want to waste his time with some bullsh*t little role. Same with Eliza Dukshu."

ET: fix typo.

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Yes that was a nice thing he said about Eliza. She's a very underrated actress.
Heh. Was that the Kevin Smith mangling that earned Eliza her "duckshoot" nickname?
Huh. I've never been a Kevin Smith fan, but he just earned some points with me. I too was under the impression that he wasn't a Firefly fan. So whether he changed his mind or he's just being supportive of another artist, that was a pretty stand up thing to say.
Now it's like, if it's not working in the first two months f*cking yank it.

I think Tim Minear would kill for two months.

That looks like a fantastic interview, but way too long for me to get through right now.

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