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"Jumping Judas on a unicycle. What happened?"
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May 12 2003

Spoilers: Why do we read them? Fans love them but writers like David Fury don't, "I despise them with the passion of a thousand suns".

I'm not sure that I'd go so far, but I have to agree that I don't like spoilers either & avoid them like the plague!
Ugh, I can't believe that I know what that person was talking about with the General Hospital connection of Rick and Sonny. Oh, the bliss of marriage! LOL!
I only read spoilers for shows I'm not really that invested in. Which is to say, never for Angel, sometimes for Buffy. It's no wonder the writers hate them.
Where's ZachsMind with the rebuttal?
I don't believe true Buffy fans read spoilers. Buffy is all about the suspense of what is going to happen next, getting spoilers ahead of time really detracts from the fun of watching Buffy. If you know what's going to happen, why bother watching it at all? If you're a true fan, you avoid spoilers.

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