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May 15 2007

Son of a Slayer Soon To Say "Viva Laughlin!" After serving as President during this past season on "24", D.B. Woodside will soon be in the CBS musical drama "Viva Laughin!", based on the BBC show "Viva Blackpool". It will be part of the new lineup which will be announced today. It also includes "Moonlight", about an "undead" detective.

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Here's an article from back in January on Televisionary that discusses both "Twilight" (now "Moonlight") and FOX's potential series (what happened to it?) "New Amsterdam" in the context of past vampire cop series. Even 'Canadian cheese' show "Forever Night" merits a mention, but I'm afraid nothing can hold a candle to the intensely wrought drama and supernatural noir of AtS....
Zap2it described it as the "Angel-esque" drama. hee.
Is this an actual musical series, as in: a mini-musical every week? That would be very cool, but I wonder how they're gonna pull that off every week. Writing relevant and catchy songs (see: OMWF) once for a musical episode seems hard enough, let alone every week, 22 times a year!
You should get the DVD for "Viva Blackpool" to get an idea of what to expect: characters singing well-known songs in between dramatic scenes. I'd expect production numbers at the casino...or at various spots of Laughlin... that will be the center of the show.
I have to admit to having a soft spot for musicals so sign me up. Singing well known songs? Awesome. Throw me some Kansas and I'll sing along at home.

Speaking of musicals I can't wait for the movie "Across the Universe" to come out. It looks like a mix between Moulin Rouge & The Wall with an all Beatles sound track.
NY Times description: "The vampires appear in a new detective series, 'Moonlight,' in which a very old (but still young-looking) private investigator uses his vampire senses to help people and is appalled by the activities of his vampire mates. A newcomer, Alex O’Loughlin, is the star."

No comments from them on the fact that this plot sounds a bit, uh, familiar...
Noooooo, they aren't renewing Jericho!!! I loved that show. Another good Sci-fi series bites the dust I guess. :(
I was pretty shocked to read the synopsis of "Moonlight". So... he's a vampire with a conscience, an evil female sire, he does detective work, and ponders how to romance a human love interest. Wow.
Yeah, it's totally a ripoff of Forever Knight!

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