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May 16 2007

No Bones About It: David Boreanaz Turns 38 Today. Happy Birthday to our favorite cocksure FBI agent/broody hot vampire!

(That would make him a Taurus, with a likely Moon in Taurus as well -- a so-called 'double' Taurus. Anyone know what time he was actually born?)

Happy birthday, David! A true Champion you remain.
He was 26 when he first played Angel in 1996 I think. How time flies. Still looks youthful enough for a Angel film sometime, still waiting:)
Buon compleanno (Happy birthday) gorgeous! You are the Angel of my heart.
Happy birthday, DB.
Awww birthday salutations, David!

Eat some cake, but please, not TOO much!
Well in fairness, he's lookin well for 38!

Oh and yes....definately young enough for an Angel film:)

happy b-day!
The only problem with playing a vampire..... the "not aging" thing. Makes for a short window to get all the mileage out of the role.... At least he's shed the extra poundage (wish I could), and has all his hair!!!!! :) Hope the day is wonderful!!!! :)
David celebrated his birthday on Martha Stewart's show this morning. I ran across it by accident. He was a hoot.
I saw him on Martha, too. I don't know if he had overdosed on caffeine, was playing off the energy of a live audience or maybe just happy to be alive, but he sure was full of it. As with his last appearance, the most fun was in watching Martha not lose control as she lost control. She wondered how his wife put up with him and in the next segment she thought a dog trainer might teach him a few things (!) and that he owed her a kitchen clean up. Jeez Lousie, I hope she was kidding.

Happy day, fellow strawberry eatin', vanilla lovin' Taurus!
Happy Birthday David!
Happy Birthday, David. There must be a portrait in your closet that's aging horribly.
Happy Birthday David!
In case anyone missed it, the whole InStepWith article on DB from Parade magazine is available online now. Here's the link:
Happy Birthday, David. So pleased that your latest show "Bones" is doing so well. Best of wishes!
So he's finally stopppppped pretending to be younger than Charisma! Happy Belateds David, "corn grits" on the success of the show and I swear, I really would've asked your dad to contribute to that cookbook if the station had a direct email system for the on-air personnel.
Happy Birthday, my dearest David (AKA the sexiest. man. ever). Have a wonderful day and thank you for bringing Booth into our lives! Oh, and Angel, even though I guess technically Joss did that :)
Great to see you on "The View", Martha Stewart's Show, and "Fox and Friends", celebrating your birthday. Thanks so much for being such a bright spot in the day. Have fun doing the play in New York in June.
Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes!
I'm not that familiar with Martha Stewart but got the impression she was teasing.
If not, you can come to my house next year, mess up my kitchen with impunity, and use as much butter as you like. There will be plenty of chew-toys and no dog trainer. Arf!

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