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May 16 2007

A new horror role for Nick Brendon. Fangoria reports that Nick has signed up for a movie called 'Wittenberg' which has "a cast that's becoming a Who's Who of horror".

Still want to see him in 'Unholy' but news on that front has been minimal for a while.

Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know what happened to 'The Unholy'? I guess it got sucked into post-production hell and failed to pick up a distributor, but like Simon I still want to see it.

Anyway, good luck to NB with the new film.
The only things I could find that were new, is that lists a DVD called 'Unholy' coming out on July 10th but no mention of who is it in or what it's about (so it might not be the same movie).

And thanks to the forum, I was able to find a couple of scenes from the movie which can be viewed in Quicktime.

The description of this movie said my magic words: Insane Asylum. SOLD!
Nick Brendon? SOLD!

I hope he gets more work. He's so talented. I want to see him back in a series again.
Me, too, Kerfluffle. While I'm happy to see Nick in movies, I wish he were in a weekly series again.
I wonder if it annoys actors to see their middle name turn into the movie or TV show they're most associated with. Anyway, I've got the willies that Sid Haig is directing this because he's had a chance to learn how to scare people by sort of sitting at the knee of Rob Zombie, so I'm not really sure what to expect. He's got some good actors for the project though (Nicholas, natch), so if it sees the dark of a movie theatre or DVD release to Netflix, I'm there.
I am afraid of insane asylums, but I love NB, so yay!!!
Sid's been around a long time, I'm sure he learned from other sources as well, but point taken :)
I'm just so happy for Nick. Really looking forward to giving this a watch just for him.

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