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May 16 2007

Eliza Dushku comments on her new movie 'The Alphabet Killer'. When asked about the modified adaptation of the investigation into a series of murders, Eliza says "Itís meant only to be respectful. There might be some controversy, but who knows".

A detective who develops schizophrenia while investigating a serial killer -- I am so there.
I'm getting flashbacks to the fake ridiculous Hollywood storyline in Adaptation and the real ridiculous storyline of Identity...
This role brings the kinda darkness she played while playing bad Faith. This is good, I hope she can be tough, Tru Calling was too sweet, I like a woman to stand up for herself with some grit, Eliza does this beautifully.

Plus I miss Faith. Faith still sets the standards when I think of Eliza acting.
It's very Donald Kaufman.

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