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May 12 2003

Firefly premieres in the UK tonight on Scifi UK. Serenity - part 1 at 8pm followed by Serenity - part 2 at 9pm.

According to the Scifi UK website:

"Two back-to back episodes every Monday from 12th May, 8pm (repeated Mondays late-night, Fridays 8pm and Sundays 7pm".

They get to see the shows in order and ALL of them - I am SO jealous!!!
I'm betting the unaired episodes will somehow materialize on the Internet after they air in the UK.

Don't worry, I'm planning on buying the DVDs too ...
Happen to be in the U.K. at the moment but didn't get home to the big-fuck-off-widescreen-telly until minutes after it aired. Waaaa. Can't wait for DVD release with, hopefully, goodies.
Hopeful for goodies? Then you're in for a treat...

Posted by (the real) Joss over at the Bronze Beta:

"But here's a little Firefly sneak: Nathan and Alan are right now recording a duel commentary on War Stories for the DVD. It's gonna be so large.... see ya -j."
I'd never seen Firefly before. Damn you Fox for making me care about these characters, that was the best two hours of television I'd seen in a very long time. Everything clicked, and everything felt right.

I wonder if it had been different in the States, had Serenity been aired there first.
It was a tremendous pilot -- although slightly spoilt by the opening credits revealing the final composition of the Serenity crew. Of course, after "Seeing Red" I did wonder whether certain characters' appearance in the title sequence could be red herrings...

I know nothing of the ongoing plot, and so will be enjoying the series on an episode-by-episode basis. On the face of it, a real shame that it'll be over in just a few short months :-(

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