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May 17 2007

Boreanaz dates in Gray play change. For those of you planning to see David Boreanaz in the Spalding Gray show "Stories Left to Tell" next week (like me... damn it!), his appearance dates have been changed to 6-10 June.

And of course we have our tickets for 22 May, when we'll actually be in NY. Grr arrgh.

Thanks to whoever edited... this was my first posting of a story... ;-)
Not a problem. And congrats on your first post. And commiserations to those who booked tickets for May.
Actually, this won't help Kirochka (sorry! :(), but, they *will* change your tickets to a date that he is appearing.

If you ordered directly through the theater, they have your number and will call you. But, if you bought a ticket at the box office, they don't have your info... the woman who called me was telling me how frustrating it was because they'll change them, but, just don't have a way to contact people who just bought them in person. Not sure if they're proactively calling those who ordered from Ticketmaster or not.

So, if you have tickets and nobody's contacted you, you should just call (212) 420-8000 to see about switching them (if you'll be around for the new dates).

(edited to try to make a little more sense!)

[ edited by lisaspo on 2007-05-17 19:34 ]
Actually, I called the theatre even though I bought my tickets through the Ticketmaster website, and they told me to go ahead and call Ticketmaster. Seems they knew that some people bought tickets just to see David and instructed Ticketmaster to go ahead and switch out the tickets for the new nights. I just got off the phone with the lovely Liz at Ticketmaster who was so very helpful with switching my ticket. She not only got me a ticket on my new selected night, but she got me the same exact seat I had before. All you have to do is mail them back the original ticket. I wish all of Broadway were this thoughtful when it came to exchanges.
Hmmm... actually, my mother picked up the tickets for me at the box office... then again, I won't be there in June... :-(... then again, maybe I need to make sure I AM there in June... then again... thanks for the heads-up!

(I had my mother pick up the tickets because it was cheaper than Ticketmaster, so I suppose flying to NY specifically to see it in June would defeat the purpose of that...!)
D'oh! I started thinking I would actually do this insane thing and fly to NY just for this... I even called the Minetta Lane just to be sure... and then I remembered we have tickets for the Buffy Sing-Along in Chicago that weekend. Sigh... the trouble with having had my life taken over by the Whedonverse in the past year...

Sniff... no live David for me... :-( Wish I still lived back in Manhattan...

Awesome that you're attending our Chicago show. I so wish I could go. Dawn and Giles were talking about their trip out to Chicago for the show tonight. Oh, how I envy Dawnie! At least you'll get to see her live. Granted, and I love her to death, she's no David Boreanaz, but I think you will fall in love with her like everyone in New York has.

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