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May 17 2007

Fox Unveils Their New Shows for the Fall Season. Including Summer Glau's The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Alas, Eliza Dushku's Nurses is not included.

Slight casting spoilers for The Office also in this article, so beware if you're a fan.

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not to sound all cynical but i'm not getting my hopes up for ANYTHING fox has to offer anymore.
Apologies for going off-topic but it appears Ausiello over at t.v. guide has confirmed Veronica Mars isn't coming back, but the studio head is talking with Rob Thomas and Kristin Bell about doing "something else."
My hopes are high for Summer's project. Kristen Bell is doing another series for CW this fall, 'Gossip Girl' or some such.
Holy molly, speculation is alive and well.
At least the Terminator is something commercial enough that Fox might keep it on.

There doesn't seem to be anything official on Veronica Mars, yet. I think the word was they weren't announcing anything either way at the upfronts and it might be in as a midseason replacement if we keep our fingers crossed. Oh wishful thinking.

And K-Bell is just narrating Gossip Girl so it strikes me as something that wouldn't conflict with VM were it to return.
Ausiello Bloggeth:

12:47 The press conference is over. I tackle dawn just as she tries to escape and I ask her to level with me. Is Veronica dead? "Veronica Mars is over, but we're talking about something else. I don't know if it's going to be anything. I'm being honest with you. It could come back in some form, but I don't know what form that would be." She confirmed that the deadline to make a decision is "somewhere around" the June 15 date i referred to previously. Long story short: Mystery STILL not solved!

12:53 Heading back to the office to bang my head against the wall.
Summer's news is good. Eliza's not so much.

As for Veronica Mars, the show that we knew is dead. The only question is whether Ms. Bell returns in a different show with the same character or not. Frankly, when VM began, she was fairly believable as a teenager, but now three seasons in (and at what, 26?) Kristen Bell is harder to accept as a college freshman. I wtill like the show and would love for it to continue, or for the character to continue in another show, but like High School, when it is over, it is over.
Sounds like we won't know about the VM in the FBI thing for another month. I'm banging my head against the wall with Mr. Ausiello. Also, seems that Summer's show (what? there are other people in it?) will not be on until Jan or Feb.
ps, discussion Midnight two threats before, what about this "New Amsterdam" (About a 700-year-old immortal man who solves crimes.) Do we see two imortals now, solving crime (best at the same time slot? ;) )
I'm still not watching anything new on Fox until it's established. I've learned from my mistakes. The only exception being if they put Nathan back on the air - love ya', big guy!
I checked the Futon Critic's take on Fox's new schedule, and it looks like we won't see the Sarah Connor Chronicles until the Spring. However, I suppose that may change depending on how the other new shows do.
Too bad about VM, but I suspect once the CW offices are flooded with Mars bars (again), and their ratings creep to MyNetwork TV levels, they will bring her back for one final season on how she goes from Neptune to Quantico.
According to Rob Thomas, Veronica really is dead .

Sad now. :-(
According to IMDb, New Amsterdam is directed by Lasse Hallstrom. New Amsterdam was the original name of New York City. This sounds interesting. Of course, interesting + Fox = dead.
I'm so sorry.
Damn. Damn, damn, damn.

When CW previewed next week's two hour Vernoica Mars and said "season finale" instead of "series finale" I thought things were hopeful. I got a little excited.

VM Cancelled It's official -- CW no longer has anything I want to watch on it.

Well, at least now I'll have my Tuesday nights free to watch my Firefly, Buffy and Angel DVDs.
Woo hoo, Jezebel James got picked up!
Trailer link?
And the balancing thing for me is that the CW is the only local network that I can't get in HD. So no more grainy, poor quality broadcasts to watch. Kristen Bell is pretty even when orange with odd pixelations - but Eric Colantoni looked pretty odd.
I liked the Terminator films but I have no faith that Fox will bother to air more than 6 episodes of Summer's new series. I'll wait and see if it lasts, and then start watching.
Bad news for Eliza. She's got several movies out this year so hopefully they'll do well.
Worried about Chronicles and how long Fox will give it unless it's an instant smash.

I was going through old recordings on my Sky+ box (Think Tivo) and watched Orpheus. How on Earth can people like Eliza and Alexis Denisof not be big movie stars or have their own hit show?
Well thats bad new for the CW, I'm not watching anything else they have to offer.Actually im giving up on new shows, and im beginning to realise how lucky we are that Buffy and Angel had so long on the air.Quality TV is becoming extinct.
Here is a promo pic of Summer, (along with the rest of the cast), as well as a clip from The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Ay caramba. Ooh, me, me, terminate me Summer ;).

Very lacklustre line-up IMO. Cops and lawyers, yawn (and I actually like procedurals). 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' is the only show that interests me at all. What do we think, 8 eps ? Fewer ?

On the up side, it bodes well for any mid-season replacements they may have lined up.

(and yep, the continued absence of Alexis Denisof from our screens is a constant puzzle to me. I can only assume he's choosing to do more theatre stuff or maybe writing or painting or something. Or maybe casting directors are just insane)
Wait, we're missing out on Eliza in a nurses uniform? I'm sure that's a crime somewhere.

I'm looking forward to seeing Summer onscreen again, even if I don't have much hope for it being on long.
Wait, we're missing out on Eliza in a nurses uniform? I'm sure that's a crime somewhere.

Well, we've had two movies with Eliza in a cheerleader uniform so on balance...
It's so hard to hate Fox when they let Summer blow stuff up.
FOX is still a television network? I hadn't noticed. Do they still have The Simpsons? Has Bart hit puberty yet? LOL
Has Bart hit puberty yet?

Heh. Still, worked for MASH ;).

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