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May 17 2007

PopWatch says Nathan Fillion should be "the next Hugh Grant." EW's blog features our good Captain as the ideal 'romantic leading man.' Well, yeah, but we knew that...

One slice of Nathan pie, please :)
Hugh Grant?! No, I like the Harrison Ford comparison better: Nathan can do the romantic AND the action hero!
One thing you can say about Nathan, he enjoys acting. Hugh Grant doesn't and keeps threatening to quit the profession. I've thought a few times about what an Americanized version of Four Weddings and a Funeral might have been like with Nathan starring in it, and I rather enjoy it (though it would absolutely strain credulity to imagine the girl would go off and marry someone else, not him as the Grant character).
I think it's funny that he's so versatile that no matter what his latest role, he's the next [fill in the blank]. After Firefly and Serenity, he was the next Harrison Ford. After SLiTHER, he was the next Bruce Campbell. Now in a RomCom, he's the next Hugh Grant.

Considering his talent and ability to play any type of part with style and sincerity, I think he is the next Huge Star.
Agreed Embers: Nathan as the next Harrison Ford- you bet. Nathan as the next Hugh Grant- he's better than that.
I like Hugh Grant as much as the next guy and some of this movies are actually pretty good but I'm going to have to agree with embers, he's more Harrison than Hugh.
Well, I'd hate to see him typecast either as the next Harrison Ford or as the next Hugh Grant. Neither of those actors could effectively break out of their molds as action/adventure character or romantic comedy lead, respectively. And I agree that he's better than Hugh Grant. I'm just hoping that the variety of roles he's had leads to a long career based upon his versatility, like Cary Grant had (although I'm not making a comparison between the actors themselves, just their versatility).
You know, if this post had said the same thing about Nathan Fillion and most lead actors, I would chime in and say "Nathan Fillion is ever so much better."

But this... I just giggled quietly.

Then I had a more somber though: I really hope Nathan Fillion isn't the next Hugh Grant. I hope he is more like... Nathan Fillion.
Meaning he will be caught on Sunset getting a blowjob from a prostitute? Gawd, I hope not!
Yes, Sunfire, I would like Nathan to be the current Nathan Fillion as well. Last year he was the next Harrison Ford and this year he's dropped down to Hugh Grant? (To me Hugh Grant is a one trick pony).

If it helps to cast Nathan in good parts, then OK, but otherwise... he's still the current Nathan Fillion to me.

I just saw Waitress last night and he was wonderful - brought a real goofy nervous energy to the doctor and alot of sincere affection (and all the passionate kissing was groovy too).
I loved him in "Waitress." I saw it last Friday, and I still keep thinking of him as Dr. Pomatter.

Damn, he's sexy! (Stating the obvious, but the man just keeps showing more and more of his range. He actually made me feel bad for his character - and normally you don't feel bad for someone in his position.)
Box Office Mojo is saying Waitress is expanding its limited release to 116 theaters Friday. Waitress (Fox Searchlight) / 116 (+51)

Internet movie database US map of Waitress screenings

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I guess I was one of the lucky 51, then. I do hope it gets wider release. It's not the best movie ever made, but it's worth seeing, especially since you get A LOT of Nathan in it!
Actually, I see a lot of similarities between them. Hugh Grant is also a big 'hair' actor for instance. And also ... um ... nope, it's just the hair thing.

Grant's good at his schtick but he is kind of a one-trick pony, to me Nathan has more range than him (but then, to me, he's always had more range than Harrison Ford too).

(and no doubt if he ever does a porno he'll be the next Johnny Holmes or the next Bogart if he plays a detective, categories just make the world's vastness easier to handle)
I saw Waitress and oh my god. SO BRUTALLY ATTRACTIVE. My friends were going crazy every time he came on screen. The older couple sitting infront of us despised us for making so much noise. Sigh.

I think I'm going to see it again this weekend. Muahahahahahha!
Really nice review of Waitress on the Filmspotting podcast, which also airs on Public Radio. You can hear it here - Episode 161 . One of the reviewers called Nathan 'the next Cary Grant' and admits to a mancrush on Nathan.
This might be a digression....and I agree with most of the points above....but I was watching the old Chevy Chase movie Fletch the other day, and kept thinking that Nathan Fillion would be perfect in that kind of a role. Or even a remake of Fletch. But, alas, supposedly Zach Braff is doing that. Oh well.
Hugh Grant. Yyeaah. Or no, actually. Not at all.

He's made the fop semi-sexy again (depending on the movie), but he just AIN'T no Fillion. Nathan is funny and masculine and authoritative and sexy because of his personal attitude and aura that he brings to every single frickin' character I've seen him play. He's so much more...male than Grant. And a biggy that I love about Nathan is his perceived cluelessness. It comes across so genuine, whereas Grant's cluelessness is contrived, anvilly plot-pointy, and silly in that he usually plays a man of information (wealthy, successful, worldly in business) who's just really a dumbass dick that actually is blissfull with the not knowing.

Nathan is movie-style Jesse James. I just love 'im.
But, alas, supposedly Zach Braff is doing that. Oh well.

Apparently not anymore in fact (Braff has decided to write/direct another movie instead) so the role's open though personally I don't see Nathan for it unless they've changed things a bit. El Fillione has a sort of worldly vulnerability that Fletch doesn't really have (he's too hard-boiled, almost callous).

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