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May 17 2007

Are you a fangirl? If so Woodward is looking for you. Jonathan Woodward is showing his support for some friends who are working on a fangirl project... "this project is to represent the flip side of a presumably male-dominated demographic".

Woodward was pimping the ladies and their site while at the event, check out the photos, typical Woodward style.

As fangirls ourselves, our goal in this project is to represent the flip side of a presumably male-dominated demographic

I was always under the impression that the Buffy and Angel fandoms were female-dominated. I've no hard evidence to back this up but from personal experience on message boards and on LiveJournal, the majority of analysis, news, episode guides, fan fics, fan art, icon making and fun stuff seem to come from women.

The Firefly fandom seems to be more evenly split down the middle.
Yeah I'm with Simon on the Buffy/Angel fandoms.
Yes the verse fandom is more female than male but the fangirl project is encompassing all sc-fi/fantasy genre. Where women are still vastly out numbered by men, Buffy did do a lot to alter the demo but you have to admit for the most part the genre is heavily skewed to the male population. By proving that the women are a force to acknowledge as well maybe we will see more strong female sci-fi characters who hav more going on for themselves than their measurments and barely there outfits.
Outside of fandom, the popular misconception is that ANYONE in any SF/Fantasy fandom, especially anyone who goes to conventions, are nerdy, dorky guys who live in basements.

I remember seeing a clip from the Australian equivalent of the Tonight Show that had Tony Head and James Marsters as guests, since they were appearing in a convention there. That night they had a bit with cheerleaders introducing all the guests, and their bit for JM and ASH ended with "...And now at fan conventions, their days they'll have to spend, with geeks and nerds and LOOOOSERS [with "L" on foreheads], who'll never have girlfriends!" And the male cheerleader crossed his arms and nodded smugly. So... the 95% female fans of JM and ASH Just. Don't. Exist. Either that or we're all lesbians who are such losers that we won't even date each other. Still pisses me off to no end.
As someone who used to believe the misconception that the sci/fi fandom was full of nerdy guys, I used to differentiate between Buffy/Angel and the rest, but then I gave into comic books, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and even some well-written fanfic, so I'm a full-fledged fangirl now. I don't know if I'll join the fangirl project, but I think it's a great idea.
Female Sci-Fi fans aren't as much the exception now. But 20 years or so ago, we really were much rarer... as active fans that is. Back in the day (my high school years) I was the only girl in the Science Fiction Club for both my Junior and Senior years.

And I was nerdy enough to keep wondering why I was the only girl.

Just a personal observation, others may have a different take.

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