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May 18 2007

Joss to appear in "Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed" documentary. This will air on the History Channel in the States on May 28th.

The newspaper article says it will be on at 10pm,but the History Channel website says 9pm.

No doubt there will be a thread on that day to discuss the documentary.

Definetely for the commemoration of the 30 years of Star Wars, which makes me feel kinda young now, as I never had the chance to see Star Wars the first time it was out, as I wasm't born yet, missed it by a couple years.

The world would be very different if that movie never came out.
It's also on Tuesday the 29 at 1 am & 7pm eastern time
Without Star Wars, there would be no Ice Pirates. Fact.
Awesome, sounds great.
Simon, when I first read your post, my thoughts were,"Oh Gods, no!" Then, I read the article and, you're right, pretty cool. In minds eye, can you picture these two in room discussing stories? AH! I already called the fly on the wall. Believe the goldfish is still open.
"Fox was dragging its feet, hoping the movie would go away."

Hah. Made me laugh.

This gets aired for my *coughmumble-mumble-ndcough* birthday. It's a nice bit of a moment for an aging fangal - "The History Channel is My Master Now."
At least you get a little Joss for your b-day, QuoterGal.
All I get is G4's Star Wars thingy... Not as cool. ;)
I saw a bit of it last night. Really interesting commentary, not just from Joss: Peter Jackson, J.J. Abrams, Kevin Smith (natch), Stephen Colbert, a cadre of authors, professors, and various other academes, etc. A fascinating look on how the movies (they address all six of them) were shaped by mythic and American archetypes and how their existence has influenced storytelling and filmmaking.

I'm-a gonna have to Tivo this one.

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