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May 18 2007

(SPOILER) Preview Clips from "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". IGN provides a look at three clips from the upcoming series. Summer Glau can be seen in the third.

It looks as though Summer's Terminator will be a good guy, as many predicted.

So she is a Terminator? She seems very robo-y. The clips, though, felt very cancelled-in-due-time-ish.
Is Terminatrix a word? I mean, a good word? Help me out, Big Purple Masculine Feminist?
well I dont know about cancellish, it looks good... however I dont know how they can do a whole series like that.
Not enough Summer in the clip! :-(
Summer Glau should always be encouraged to blow things up, but the second a preview clip reveals an ad, I am so outta there.

I am willing to lay down cashy money on DVD sets so that I don't have to see these ruiners-of-all-things-good, so I don't see why I should subject myself to these things willingly just to see a promo clip - which is another ad in itself, albeit one that I have chosen to see.

Convince me it's good without an ad embedded right in the clip, and you've got me...
what ad are you referring to Quoter Gal?
Summer absolutely nailed those line readings ;)
When did Sarah Connor get dark hair? Also no Arnie. I dunno. The kids of today don't know what it was like to live in the 80s and 90s.
QuoterGal, the ads are for the website with the clips (IGN), not the station making the show. The website doesn't get any money when you buy a DVD. They have to stay alive somehow.
Amen to that, Simon.
Hmmm. Serious Summer shortage in those clips. I'll watch it just to watch her terminate things.
Hmm... I don't recall noticing any ads, but I'm assuming that TC is correct and any advertising done thereabouts would be for IGN rather than FOX. In any case, a 15-second ad for anything isn't really a hardship for a minute-and-a-half preview clip. *shrug*

As for the show itself, of course I'm gonna give it a shot. I mean seriously, what fan of the originals can honestly say they're not at least going to check out the pilot?

Besides, I like what little I've seen of Lena Headey, and I LOVE Summer, so that clinches it right there.

ETA: Just noticed that Owain Yeoman (Lucas from 'The Nine') is playing that Terminator chasing them, so that's cool. And Zoic and Almost Human are involved in the effects for the series... also goodness.

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QuoterGal, the ads are for the website with the clips (IGN), not the station making the show.

Um, actually, there's a video ad in the clips for a 24-related website sponsored by an antiperspirant.
None of them will play for me and I don't know why.
Ditto UnpluggedCrazy. You can find them on YouTube too though.

I'll be watching this out of love for Summer and the movies, but I'm still unsure about the idea of Terminator on TV. Could go either way.
theonetruebix: Um, actually, there's a video ad in the clips for a 24-related website sponsored by an antiperspirant.

Yup. And in a clip lasting just seconds, more time than I care to spend on ads. Put ads on your site - fine, whatever. I'm not watching them in a tiny, tiny clip.

I don't watch ads I don't want to. The entertainment industry and the advertising world are finding out I'm not the only one, and that they need to adapt the way such business is done. I don't care about their need to sell me things I don't want. My life's too short and too finite to waste portions of it watching their ads.

Does anyone else find it ironic that virtually unregulated big biz poisoned our water and is now selling it back to us at a profit? I'm anxiously awaiting the day when these companies are permitted to shine ads directly on our retinas.

And now, back to our originally sheduled thread, already in progress...
Hmmm. Well, I'll charitably assume that the male Terminator in those particular clips is destroyed in the premiere episode and we don't have to suffer his "intent angry stare" form of acting again. The rest of the cast looked good. The lack of musical score really hurt these clips. I like the inclusion of the Dyson family.
I doubt this will be any good so it will probably last long.

Seems the writers made the same mistake that has already been made in that horrific TERMINATOR 3. Writing a cyborg - not just any cyborg, the frakking TERMINATOR for frakssake - out-of-character ! I'm shure that takes serious writing skills. :-/
The trailer from the Upfronts in on YouTube.
Contains more Summer and look's good...

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mak, thanks for the link. No commercials and great sound/look. I am willing to get excited for this show. Maybe they will grab some Mutant Enemy writers for the show after it becomes a hit. The dialogue could use some sprucing up, yet I found it interesting enough to tune in.
The trailer from the Upfronts in on YouTube.
Contains more Summer and look's good...

That trailer has me a lot more excited than the ones on the IGN site.
Oh, yes. Much better. Yay Summer!
Terminator 3 really wasn't that bad. I'd rather the series had ended with T2, but the third one was alright. But then I have a minor man-crush on Nick Stahl, so I'm biased.
"Come with me if you want to live."

I can't believe how much of a kick I got out of that one line. That trailer indeed contains more Summer, and also more awesome. Hm... I wonder if there could be a connection...

Was gonna say this is the new show I look forward to most, but aside from the Bryan Fuller series, it's really the only new show that interests me.
I couldn't get the IGN vids to work either. Watched the trailer on You Tube, it's not really my kind of show, but I'll watch it for Summer if it comes to the UK.
Just watched the YouTube video (thanks for the link mak) and I'm pretty much sold. It's weird, because I loved the first two films so much, and I even liked the third, so I should feel a little more protective of the property. I think it's just expected that fans of the original need to poo poo and tsk tsk any attempts to spin-off... but whatever. Hearing the music again... watching Summer toss cars around... and hearing that line, "Come with me if you want to live."

I'm there.
All the jossverse seems to be responding to Summer saying "Come with me if you want to live.":) That line got me and I didn't even like the Terminator movies. I'm just dying for a kick-ass female hero to hold me over through the long dark night of "no Battlestar Galactia" until next year. (Well, almost none).
Didn't like the Terminator movies?!?


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