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May 18 2007

This week's crush - Joss Whedon. A Newsarama blogger expresses her devotion for Joss. ETA: Oh and Joss has a couple of questions for you.


And she should totally read Those Left Behind.

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it's a thoroughly understandable mistake, Simon, but Cecil Castellucci is a girl...her new (and first, unless I'm mistaken) comic The Plain Janes is out next week on the new DC "hip" imprint, Minx. (she has a few non-comics books out, too.)
I'm blushing here. Cheers for the correction :).
So well said. She invoked memories of my own "coming of Joss." Such a wonderful experience going through it all. I wish I could erase my memory and discover it all over again.
But if you did that, you might not remember to check Joss out in the first place! Horrors!
What's cool here (besides me, I'm totally crushing on me) is that I just read the Plain Janes yesterday and loved it. Can art save us? (Also, do I like me back? Check 'yes' or 'no'.)
aaaahhh! his Jossness! dood! wait'll Cecil hears about this! :)
How weird, I just read a blurb on this in one of my email newsletters! Perhaps I'm getting cooler as I get older -- I'm even planning to visit an actual comics store soon. O.o

@ . . . YES
O . . . no
A crush this week and every week... ;-)

Always great to hear the Whedon love from new fans. Plus it makes me want to bring out all the DVDs again...
I'm glad to see that this "Joss" person posting above has finally gotten a crush on our Joss. He is eminently crush-worthy.

It's a beautiful thing... no matter how late in the game.

*wipes eye*

((X)) yes
(( )) no

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Welcome to the gang, cecil!
Heh heh. Joss reads a line of books aimed at teen girls.

What, me? The Re-Gifters, the next book in Minx line? No, I ordered that for... Crap, my family goes from toddlers on one side to older than me on the other. Well, I ordered that for someone appropriate anyway. Clearly not for myself.
Um, I check "yes" about a zillion times, and props to Cecil (is that a cool name for a gal, OR WHAT!?).
What?! I'm just jossing. Add another 'check yes' to that marker thingy. Smiles aplenty!
‭ NO
Also, do I like me back?

A Big Purple logic loop! Does not compute . . . Danger . . . Danger . . . :)
If you crush on yourself, does it hurt? Or is it just messy? (It's probably to have a box of tissues on hand in either case.)
I've been crushing longer and harder, but I'm thrilled that Joss posted & endorsed 'Plain Janes' (now another subscription to add to an already long list...).
Joss has a crush on Joss!

My mind just collapsed.

...And Ben is Glory? What?

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2007-05-19 06:58 ]
That's so funny - I just this week discovered Cecil Castellucci when a YA author friend of mine handed me 'Beige' to read. *enjoys* I'm sure "kids" books weren't that awesome when I was fifteen. obviously she now rates even higher in my esteem.

Go Cecil, may teens worldwide achieve greater appreciation of the glory that is punk via your witty chapter headings.

*circles 'YES' in big fat red teacher's correction pen*
Also, do I like me back? Check 'yes' or 'no'.)

Hooray! That's a yes :).
Just checked out out a few preview pages over at DC's Minx imprint, and The Plain Janes (Written by Cecil Castellucci; Art and Cover by Jim Rugg) looks pretty damn good.

Looks like it's back to Golden Apple Comics for me tomorrow. It's getting to be a habit...


My reading habits is getting seriously affected by this Purpley-Joss-Crushy-Guy.
I totally punched the 'Yes' hole. For any resulting chaddage i'm blameless.

And crush on Joss all you want just leave his writing hand undamaged. And his writing brain. Actually, all his writing bits. Alright, alright, cos i'm feeling all 'weekend' don't crush any of him.

Can art save us?

Seems more like a job for Superman (though never mind 'can' sometimes I wonder if it should. Not today though *re-applies weekend face*).
Yeah, another tick in the 'Yes' box from me.

And you can totally crush on yourself. If you were me then you would be insane not to. ;)
To make things interesting, NO.

Score one for paradoxically unrequited love!

[ edited by daylight on 2007-05-19 14:19 ]
besides me, I'm totally crushing on me

It's only taken you 3 years.

(Yes, I just watched The Office finale. Jenna killed me. Dead.)

Oh - also, yes.
Damn- I gotta get the comic. I collected, then didn't, then Joss started writing them. Damn you to hell, Joss, 'cause now I'm collecting again, and I'm older than Joss by a good some.

Hey, Jossman- check out the YA book Dare, Truth or Promise, by Paula Boock- and then film it, heh?
[ ] nooooo.

This is so cute. I've been getting caught up on Angel (up to S4's last 3 episodes) last night, and WOW. I feel like I've just renewed my Joss-crush. And I found that I have a Tim Minear crush too.

Joss is totally justified in crushing on himself.
joss : Can art save us? Yes, my fine lad (hey you're nine years younegr than I am, I'm allowed) it can, I'm living proof *grin.
[X] Maybe. It's our best hope.
[X] Whyever not?

[ edited by toast on 2007-05-19 15:39 ]
"Can art save us?"


'The Body' saved me.

I was 22 when my Mum died of ovarian cancer(co-incidentally four years ago yesterday). Five months on I wasn't coping at all. Then my girlfriend made me watch Buffy. We started with season five. It didn't take long to get to 'The Body'. It was the one thing that unlocked my grief for my Mum. I honestly think I might not be here without it. So a million times thank you, Joss. When I eventually finish my DPhil you're going in the acknowledgements!
Also, yes to the second question!

[ edited by ArielWillow on 2007-05-19 15:41 ]
I could have written Cecil's posting myself. EXACTLY. My husband and I just finished season 7 last night. All I could say afterwards (to myself, so as not to crush the Husband) was, I love Joss Whedon.

I wish he'd been around producing shows when I was an adolescent (except I'm two years older than him... so not so much possible).

We need to watch season 5 of Angel before I chance spoilers by moving on to season 8, but we have the first three and are ready.

I love Joss Whedon.
Can Art save us? For me personally, it already has more than anyone will know.

As for having a crush on yourself? Very healthy, actually, as long as you remember the story of Narcissus :)
I think Joss has two questions for us, one of which does not shut down my processors. Processor. Er.

Thinking of you, ArielWillow, at this anniversary time of mom loss, which is always major. Just ask the previous boldface name.

And great news, everyone: Remember jaynelovesvera, who enlivened many of our discussions here? Tests came back and the cancer has not--repeat, not--returned!!! So all those who lit candles/incense/flash bombs. . .

To answer Joss's non-loop-y question: Only love can save us, but since art like his can open our hearts, the answer is: yes, most emphatically. Rock on, Big Purple Dude, you make art with your heart, and your heart art opens hearts to more than art and . . . er.

[ edited by Pointy on 2007-05-19 17:06 ]
Aw, great post, Pointy. And great news about jlv.
Two questions, but only one of them for us.

If we can save art, art can save us.
Thanks, Pointy.
And I note, ArielWillow, that you were clever enough to answer both questions.
Awww, mutual appreciation society :) I'll have to check out The Plain Janes... I'm interested in seeing what DC does with the Minx imprint.

Art can save us, yes. But people loving themselves or not is their own business.

[ edited by Lady Brick on 2007-05-19 18:42 ]
I think Joss has two questions for us

The first one was rhetorical. Probably. I think I may have been half asleep when I added that ETA.
I loved The Plain Janes, and even posted a review the other day. I hope they turn it into an ongoing series!
Thanks Pointy. I was just thinking about JLV the other day. He is one of my favorite online friends. Love him! So glad he is doing good. Tell him "hi" from Harm.

Joss - the answer is of course yes. In fact, I had an epiphany yesterday while listening to Mr. Bill Strickland speak at a conference. I'm so ready to change the world through art! If you ever have a chance to hear this man speak about his life and what he has accomplished - do it.

Gossi, Jenna killed me Thursday! "I'm sorry, what was the question?". What a wonderful moment.
"Art is its own reward. Gotta give the people hope."
- LORNE, Angel, Season Two, "Happy Anniversary," teleplay by David Greenwalt.

Oh, yeah, all, re: Jenna/Pam - that was a super knock-out, McCool Office moment.

Life consists of moments, and art gives us some transcendental moments.
Pam is one of my favourite characters pretty much ever. The US Office has been a revelation for me, in more ways than I should probably admit. So my crush is reserved for you, Beesley.
*checks "YES" with thick purple marker*

Can art save us? Why are we even asking this question?

gossi: "Pam is one of my favourite characters pretty much ever. The US Office has been a revelation for me, in more ways than I should probably admit. So my crush is reserved for you, Beesley."

Owww - Jenna got a bad owie. Luckily, it sounds like she's okay - I mean, she broke her back, but not, apparently, in a permanently injurious way. Hope she heals well and that it doesn't hurt too much... eeesh.
Can I vote again? No? Shucky darns.

Yes, Joss. Art will continue to save ourselves from one another even when we don't get the picture.
Joss and Joss
Sitting in a tree

Ok, that's just a strange visual.
Has Joss gone all 'Doppelgangland' on us?
If so, how do we know whether it's the good or evil Joss posting here?

And is he wearing *gasp* a leather corset?!?

If so, put me down for a ~YES~.
Do you like you back? Well, if you have the good taste to be totally crushing on you, I would say that yes, you do probably like you back.
Vince .... "If we can save art, art can save us." That was both witty and utterly profound. Unless I'm projection my own meaning onto your comment, in which case .... never mind :)
"Can art save us? (Also, do I like me back? Check 'yes' or 'no'.)

I was never good at "yes" or "no" or at ignoring rhetorical questions I think should be addressed, but I'm sure there are other folks like that here.

1. I think it can save individuals, and I hope it can save societies.
2. I hope so, because he deserves it. My guess though, is that the correct answer is "sometimes". If I'm right, my adivice is to give the guy a break and don't be too hard on him. He has a lot ot offer.
I just love new Joss converts. And I agree 100% with Pointy. Only Love saves us, but many things can open us up to the possibility of love and it's redemptive powers. Art is one of those things. My proof: A little over a year ago I convinced a guy fiend of mine that he NEEDED to get into the 'verse. So I traipsed over to his house, Buffy Season 1 in hand and converted him then and there. And now, a little over a year later, well...He's the Xander to my Anya, the Wesley to my Fred, the Spike to my Buffy....except, you know, less tragic.
So, see? Art=Love
Did that make any sense? It's been a long day at work...
bubbletoes, that made my day :)

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