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May 19 2007

When Darla met Rambo. First look at Julie Benz on the set of Sylvester Stallone's new movie. And if you're curious to know more, Ain't It Cool News has a three and half minute Quicktime promo video of the movie for available for download.

Man, she could've made a bit of an effort, that photo's gonna be all over the net ! Also, where does Rambo get Grecian 2000 in the jungle ? Must have it airlifted in or something.

(I kid of course, even made up to look grimey Ms Benz is still gorgeous but seriously though a touch of grey wouldn't go amiss, assuming it's set in the present day even the character has to be pushing 60 - he's a Vietnam veteran after all - never mind Stallone himself)
I'm looking forward to this movie, hope they make Rambo real again like First Blood was. As a stand-alone film it was awesome, a soldier going beserk.
Vergil, there's a 62.3 MB Quicktime promo video available for download over at AICN (but only for the next two days). Julie features in it quite prominently. I've added the link to the subject line.
Looking forward to it. As a Stallone fan and Angel fan, it's perfect for me.
I don't think it has as much potential for full-circle coolness as Rocky Balboa did, but I too am a fan of both Stallone and Benz, will definitely see this.

ETA: just watched the footage... Damn! I guess Rambo really wants his boat back.

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Well, if he was gonna make another Rambo movie, he had to make it violent and this sure appears to be! Guts, blood and brains all over the place...Julie looks great (as always), just hope this doesn't run into a rating problem with that much graphic violence.
just hope this doesn't run into a rating problem with that much graphic violence.

This is an American movie, so as long as she keeps her clothes on, they shouldn't have any problem with the rating!
"This is an American movie, so as long as she keeps her clothes on, they shouldn't have any problem with the rating!"

LOL, probably so...of course Julie has no problem removing same (Angel and Dexter)...then again, I have no problem with her removing them...anyway, you are probably right, the clip was probably made to highlight some of the more graphic scenes.
I don't like stupid movies and I haven't had any hopes whatsoever for Rambo 4. Strange enough, the trailer made it look interesting, even though I doubt we'll get a deep and thoughtful story out of it =)

I seem strangely drawn to the gore and the grittyness in the trailer. It makes me jolly... which I guess I shouldn't tell people. But anyway, it's refreshing to see a movie (trailer) which doesn't play the PG-13 card.

And Julie Benz, yay! (even though she mainly seems to be the lady in distress this time).

Wonder what they're planning to do with the religious theme they show in the trailer. Is he gonna go all crusadish on them? That would be politically... eh, interesting =)
For a second, I was totally taken out of the trailer, wondering why that dude was quoting Sarah McLachlan lyrics to Rambo. Than I came to my senses.

Looks good, Julie Benz seems to have a big part. :)

p.s. dreeze - that so wasn't the trailer, that would never be used as a trailer. Too much gore for TV.

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The trailer has too much gore for the local multi-plex, but it sure shows how far they'll go for this movie. Besides, it shows Sly still has some movies even at 61. I'm sure there will be some buzz when the Nerd Prom hist San Diego in a couple of months.
Holy crap, that's the most graphic trailer I've ever seen. I'm not averse to gore in my movies, but even I am gonna think before I go out and see that one.

But way to go Julie nonetheless. Looks like she has a good role.
Awesome Simon, thanks.
I really liked the trailer, the plot seems to be the same, Rambo is a ex-soldier wanting peace, too bad for him that he always lands in these types of situations were he is forced to use his curse.

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Odysseus, I know it's not a trailer, but it will undoubtely function as one since the matrix has it... eh, I mean once online, always online :)
Rambo in Burma...holy cow. Never thought I'd see Rambo tearing it up in my home country (even though its filmed in Thailand).

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