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May 21 2007

What's your favourite Firefly episode? SF Signal asks that difficult question in their latest poll.

I went with Objects in Space and found that I cast the first vote.

Is there an option for "one of the ones they didn't get to make for season six"?
If I was pushed I'd probably go with Out of Gas, but for a half season show it really does have a lot of excellent choices.
Out of Gas, no doubt, IMO. :-)
Wow! I never realised the support for OIS was so large.
I went for OOG myself. Our Mrs Reynolds would have been next. I loves me some funnies.
I'm a huge fan of "Out Of Gas" - but "Our Mrs. Reynolds" is so beguiling - this is when I really started to like Inara - and "Objects in Space" is just so dense and rich. I guess that's the order, though, of my top three.

Ah, hell, I like 'em all.

And yeah, b!x, in Bizarro World or Alternate Universe Earth Line 24, Firefly Season Three is prolly my favourite season...
Out of Gas wins by a small margin over Objects in Space for me. Another one I considered is Serenity, much due to it being twice as long as the rest of the episodes. But yeah, they're all very good.
I must be in the minority for preferring "Serenity." There's something about it that strikes me as being perfect in every way possible. Close runners-up? "Objects in Space," "Out of Gas," and "Shindig."
We skew their Poll results out of all proportion and get rewarded with our very own Poll. Go figure. :)

I went with OiS, with my other top two being Serenity and OoG.
I can't believe how hard it is to pick one, out of only thirteen. Objects in Space, Out of Gas and Our Mrs. Reynolds are my favorites & I seem to have a lot of company.
But then I love Serenity (the movie) most of all and it just makes me want to cry. Because it was a taste of what we should have been able to enjoy for several seasons.
I would have to be honest and admit up front that I am not a huge fan of the show, but that said, I think my favourite episode would be 'Our Mrs Reynolds'.
Serenity, Out of Gas, or Objects in Space? I don't think I can choose.
"Out of Gas" - "Our Mrs Reynolds", "Ariel", "Trash" and "Objects in Space".

Not "The Message".
I went for "Ariel", however it was a pretty close choice between that, "Out of Gas", and "Objects In Space".

And I think I'm most definetely going against the majority, but I cant be alone in not thinking "Our Mrs Reynolds" was as good as everyone said can I? I didnt think it was a bad episode at all, but its probably one of the ones I hardly ever rewatch?
Ok, I went with "War stories" since it had some of the best Wash moments ever. Plus how can you go wrong with River and Kaylee's big scene? I was surprised at how few votes the ep got...
Objects in space is definitely my favorite episode. There is just so much there.
But really all of Firefly's episodes were great.
I rewatch Our Mrs Reynolds the most. My next choice would be Ariel or Serenity.
Our Mrs. Reynolds. It's a near-perfect 45 minutes of television. Beautifully structured.
'Our Mrs Reynolds'. It's a really, really excellent script.

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We recently rewatched Out of Gas (for the I-don-know-how-manyeth-time) and were, as usual, just blown away by it.
'Out of Gas', no doubt in my mind. It's the best of a great bunch.

(I just think everything works so perfectly in OoG, the score, the acting, the script - especially its structure, the lighting, everything just comes together to make something truly greater than the sum of its parts)
Objects in Space may be my second favorite. It's hard to beat my preference for "Out of Gas".
'Out of Gas' simply because I thought the work done on the editing and the whole cinematic feel of the episode was to me the epitome of finely done television. I have never seen a movie or show flashback/forward/sideways sequence done so well.

Story-wise, I would not be able to choose. Why isn't there an option for "All of them!"
Not just because I watched it before I went to bed last night, but "Out of Gas." But, it was almost tied with 13 others.
I always find 'Objects in Space' the most deeply moving, so I had to vote for it, but I have no argument about 'Out of Gas' being an absolutely brilliant episode (that would probably be my second choice). Of course 'Jaynestown' was the episode, that when I saw it on TV, convinced me that this show could actually surpass Buffy: the metaphor and comedy were used perfectly.
I figured most of the other episodes seemed to be getting enough love, so I went with Shindig. It's got a special place in my heart.
I chose "Objects in Space" because it attains the status of a piece of art, IMO. Thank you Summer, for your spectacular performance.
I love "Serenity", I love "Out of Gas", I love "Our Mrs. Reynolds". I love them all, truth be told, but OIS just seems to shine a bit more brightly for me.
I chose "Out of Gas," by a narrow margin. I chose it because I love the reveals of how the crew found Serenity.

I was really surprised by the lack of love for "The Train Job," which I think is one of the best caper episodes ever! I also love "Objects in Space," "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Jaynestown." It was hard to pick just one!
"Out of Gas" with "Ariel" a close second. Really, I love them all. Amazing the impact Joss made with these fourteen episodes. I still wonder about the connection between Jayne and River. We'll never know.
Well, I guess I'm just going to have to re-watch them all so I can decide. Darn.
I love all of the episodes, I really do. And I think Out of Gas is an amazing hour of television, but my personal favorite is War Stories. Wash was, from the beginning, my favorite character on the show, and this episode not only had some great pure 'Wash' moments, but it also gave him some great character development. You began to understand the dynamic between him, Zoe and Mal a bit more. Plus, that moment when Niska begins to ask Zoe to choose between Wash and Mal, and she doesn't even let him finish before choosing her husband, is one of my favorite moments in any Joss show ever. Finally, it has that great moment when River goes all badass - such an important moment for the story of the show/movie as a whole.
Objects in Space :) I'm always surprised by the raging love for Out of Gas. Great ep, don't get me wrong, but Objects wins for me hands down.
I can do 'em all.

1. Objects in Space
2. Out of Gas
3. Our Mrs. Reynolds
4. The Message
5. Serenity
6. Safe (ha, you didn't see that one coming!)
7. Ariel
8. War Stories
9. Shindig
10. Jaynestown
11. Trash
12. The Train Job
13. Heart of Gold
14. Bushwhacked

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I love OoG, too, but the thing that it has going for it that no other episode does? Kaylee having sex. ;-)
My overall favorite is "Safe." It wasn't until I'd watched it twice, and I knew in the earlier scenes what would happen in the later ones, that that one really resonated with me.
Out of Gas is my favourite piece of television, anywhere, ever.

I think it's kind of ironic that Minear's other solo episode, Bushwacked, is unique in its non-popularity.

EDIT - oh and I presume that the five people who voted for The Train Job are are the same members of the Fox executive committee who insisted it be shown first :)

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My problem with Bushwhacked is that it tries to be scary, and it isn't. At all.
Shindig. I just love Mal and Inara being snarky. My runners-up were (unsurprisingly) Out Of Gas and Our Mrs Reynolds.
Out of Gas and Our Mrs. Reynolds for me as well.

OoG is simply the most beautifully filmed piece I've ever seen, the scene at the table where they're all laughing tugs at my heartstrings every time. When they laugh, I laugh.

OMR is the most watched episode in my house. Over and over it gets played to this day by various members of my family and we laugh at the same lines and exult in the cleverness of it.
So hard to pick, but I gotta say Out of Gas. It's just genius storytelling. Somewhere (was it the commentary track?), Tim Minear talked about how they broke the story, then broke it again, then again, to make it just right, and I'm glad they did. It seems like a process like that would totally kill a story (to someone not in television at least), but OoG proves otherwise.
I went with Out of Gas. It's perfect for all the reason's Firefly is perfect.
My second choice would be one that I'm almost afraid to's so often overlooked/put down/ranked second to last (hem, hem, The Dark Shape).
I adore Heart of Gold. I didn't always, but the more times I've seen it the more I think that I am in love with it. It's funny, and ragingly feminist in a "sex still rocks" kind of way and nothing, NOTHING hits you in the gut like watching Inara bawl, all by herself.
In fact, I think I'll go watch it when I get off of work.
What an extremely hard poll. I went with Ariel. The correct answer, though, is whichever one I'm currently watching.
Heart of Gold strikes me the wrong way because Mal seems out of character in it.
Our Mrs. Reynolds is the one for me. I do love how the 'Verse seems to find the most interesting and incredibly talented guest actors. Holyman chose 'Trash' which I found interesting.
OoG, because it's the most perfect hour of television ever made. But OiS is a close second, and Shindig is a sentimental favorite. And Safe, because watching Simon watching River dance always makes me cry.

Oh, heck...who am I kidding? They're all #1.
Out of Gas was so perfectly structured that nothing I have seen in another show has come close to using a timeline in such a perfect way to tell a story. Except maybe the episode of Futurama where it keeps jumping randomly in time.
This is next to impossible. Out of Gas is the best, but I had to vote for Safe on principle. I'm a sucker for the Simon-River relationship (not in a CSI way), and "Light it" makes me...float.

In Bushwacked's defense, the scenes where the crew are being interrogated ("Her legs!") are some of the funniest in the series.
I'm saving a complete Firefly marathon for July when I'll be having surgery on my foot, to share with a friend who will be staying with me for several days while I'm recuperating. He's never seen the series, but loved the movie, & everyone knows what a thrill it is to turn someone on to Firefly, or anything created by Joss, for the first time:) This thread is making it really hard to wait.
I'm thinking I need to add Heart of Gold and The Train Job to my list.
It was hard to pick but in the end I went with Objects In Space.

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