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May 21 2007

Those Whedon comic book chart positions for April. Buffy #2 came in at number 12 and Runaways #25 finished in the top fifty, getting to number 42. ETA: Estimated sales for these issues can be found over at

The first issue debuted at #9 for March, so a very healthy chart position for Buffy last month.

If I had to guess I'd say the second issue shipped around 95,000 copies to comic book shops.

Considering that Dark Horse does not have the marketplace distribution penetration that DC and Marvel enjoy, and that the Big 2 were in the midst of major company-wide crossover events that dominated a lot of the comic media coverage, the fact that BtVS #2 could do so strongly is a real testament to the book's success. It's fall-off rate was far smaller than the usual for the second issue of a much-hyped new book, which had to have lead to a whole lot of hoot and a little bit o' nanny at the Dark Horse office. ;)
Ha! Buffy beat World War III! Which it should, because WW3 stunk, but still--it was a tie-in to a bestselling title that was promoted the heck out of.

Looking forward to the chart analyses, mainly because I want to know the actual numbers shipped for Buffy and because I'm too laze to look up if Runaways made a big jump.
Is it surprising that Buffy didn't get the top slot? I thought it was selling out everywhere.
because I'm too laze to look up if Runaways made a big jump.

According to my estimates Runaways sales have gone from about 25,000 copies to about 53,000 copies but that's very rough.
Forty-two! It's a sign!
We're getting closer to the Ultimate Question.
Derf, thanks--and not bad at all. Let's hope it retains that level post-Whedon.
ICV2 has the estimated sales figures for April, so I've added the link to the subject line. Interesting to see that Buffy #1 shipped nearly 17,000 copies in April.

I'm keeping a track of the sales figures here.
Thanks, Simon. 96,000, that impressive second-issue numbers.

The chart, by the way for those who don't know, doesn't include sales through Diamond UK, which services comic shops all through Europe. So it's probably safe to say this is another issue that broke the 100,000 mark. :-)

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