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May 21 2007

(SPOILER) Joss as the interviewER. Over at Newsarama, Joss gets to ask the questions instead of answering them, interviewing Bryan Hitch about the finale of Marvel's Ultimates 2.

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*snerk* Loved the joke about the last Ultimates issue coming out in 1812.

And there are some Ultimates spoilers, so tread lightly if you're trade waiting.
Oops, sorry. Added the spoiler tag.
I was just on my way over here to post this story.

Nicely, Hitch says Buffy is a "barometer of quality." And that they took a clue from Wash's death for the Ultimates.
And Joss is a really great interviewer. Got all the right answers out, on top of being serious and funny. He even worked in ANOTHER "Mandy" reference! But what else did we expect? Howzabout some answers from Joss? I need to know some Runaways/Astonishing answers.
That was just so very very sneaky. Talking all about the next Millar/Hitch project without letting on what it actually is.

But I'll forgive it for the funny. :-)
My, questions a many this week.
Re: Nick Fury/Snakes on a Plane:

This comic was made over a year ago.
Talking all about the next Millar/Hitch project without letting on what it actually is.

Astonishing X-Men.

Simon - not going to be Astonishing X-Men, Hitch has said it won't be an X-title.
I want Hitchy do draw an arc for Buffy!
Heehee, Joss is an awesome interviewer.

And I've always meant to read Ultimates...and ditto on Joss about not being able to come up with a story for Spidey. If ever in some far-off fantasy world I were to break into the comics industry, my dream job would be to write a story for Peter Parker. But I cannot for the life of me come up with a great story that merits writing.

I still wish to God I had come up with Stracynzki's Ezekiel storyline...

By the way, Joss was born to write Spidey. It just fits.
Heh, UnpluggedCrazy, now would be the perfect time to start reading Ultimates. Just get the trades or hardcovers, and presto, no delays! (It's worth it. Great stuff, just much-tarnished by how slow it came out.)

So, Hitch has said it won't be an X-title, and he just posted that it's not Fantastic Four. Yup, I'm voting Power Pack.
That last question made tea come right out my nose. Other than than that, great interview.

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