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May 21 2007

'Serenity Found' - now on "This follow-up to Finding Serenity takes the examination of Joss Whedon's canceled cult favorite even further . . ."

". . . addressing the events of the film Serenity as well as offering even more thought-provoking, fascinating, and far-thinking essays on the Firefly universe. Contributors include actor Nathan Fillion, who played Captain Mal Reynolds, as well as noted science fiction writer Orson Scott Card. Behind-the-scenes details are explored, including why Firefly makes such a good platform for the upcoming Multiverse online game (with an essay written by Multiverse executive producer Corey Bridges), while other essays examine recurring issues from both the series and the movie, such as the Alliance's hatred of science, the role of smart-mouthed women, and the real reason the Firefly universe has no aliens."
--From the Book Description

What's the news? Joss's preface and the specific publication date of October 1, 2007.

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I loved reading the first book. Sure to love the second!
Yup, yet another collection of critical essays that I'll be adding to my already impressive collection.
"The Alliance's hatred of Science" sounds intriguing, in light of their faith in it to "create" River's abilities. Gotta have this, I'm thinkin'.
I absolutely loved the first, so I've definitely gotta get this, especially considering both Joss and Nathan are contributing, and Jane is once again editor.

I also still really need to snap up Firefly: The Official Companion Vol. 2...

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