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May 22 2007

"Buffy" is IMDB's FAQ of the week. At the IMDB homepage, Buffy is the site's featured FAQ of the week.

IMDb FAQ is a new feature that allows users to create and add to in-depth FAQs for movies and TV shows. The direct link to the Buffy FAQ is above, but if you go to you'll see it's the feature.

haha. some of those are quite funny. like the SMG not appearing in special features one and the whatever happened to miss kitty fantastico.
I always found that funny bout SMG - not to open up a can of worms, but it always did seem kinda weird. Oh well

Fun FAQ!
My wife and I have a different take on the cheese guy. The first time we watched that episode, we kept going "what's up with the dude with the cheese?" Well, at the end of the episode, my wife looks at me and in all seriousness says, "Well, that was cheesy." We both got this funny look on our faces and simultaneously exclaimed, "That's it! It was something cheesy!"
Thanks so much for this link Amystar.
I can't wait until I get home from work and can peruse it at my leisure. The page and all the links.
Looks Great!
Now if only someone had a good FAQ on the minor differences between the broadcast and the DVD versions, I could rid myself of ten crates of VHS tapes.
For the record, we don't know that Miss Kitty Fantastico is dead. Dawn mentions the incident with the cat and leaving the cross-bow lying around, but there is no further explanation. It is possible that Miss Kitty merely triggered the cross-bow sending an arrow into a valuable piece of art remaining from Joyce's gallery and leading to her banishment to another home (such as that of Willow's parents compensating for years of neglect) where easily triggered projectile items were less likely to be left lying around.
Ah, barboo, you sound like an optimist! Let's hope that's what happened.
Great FAQ. The cheese essay they link to is really funny. As a relative newcomer, I had never seen that before.

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