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May 22 2007

Serenity Collector's Edition DVD menu shots. They are very similar to the normal DVD menus in case you were expecting anything radically different.

It would be cooler if they changed the menus, but I'm ok with that one also.
It seems that the deleted / extended scenes, do not include the extended funeral scene, as I remember described by people who attended the earlier screenings. I was really hoping to see that here.

The Fruity Time thing is now an official feature, wonder if they'll throw in some other Easter Egg.

It looks like that almost everything is in Disk 1, and only a few bonus material are in Disk 2.
I like the new box art anyway. The menus do look similar (but a little better?). My real interest is whether or not it'll be easier to tell when I've selected an episode. The old one is annoying to interact with.
I just like seeing "Session 416" listed on a DVD menu.

ETA: So now that these will be on DVD, do I leave as is, or do I move /sessions_story to the front page of the site?


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So I went out and bought Serenity when it first came out. Then I went out and bought another copy when it came in a Collector's Tin, (Aussie special I believe), even though there were no extra features and gave my original copy to a friend who fell in love with it.

But now, I want this edition as well. Wraps up Serenity nicely especially with the additional commentaries and Session 416 included.
The menus were cool anyway, no need to change them. Pretty nice box art, maybe they could've used a better River shot, but Mal looks cool and I like the black and white style. A lot better than the original R1 release box art for sure. I'll definitely be buying this, can't wait.
So I should probably, finally, confess the embarassment that it wasn't until late last year that I realized that Serenity's DVD menus were the design of the targeting screen on the anti-aircraft gun Mal uses in the pilot episode of Firefly.
Wasn't "session 416" just one of the R.Tam videos? I'm assuming all five will be on the DVD...
Wasn't "session 416" just one of the R.Tam videos? I'm assuming all five will be on the DVD...

It will be all five, yes. I guess "Session 416" is the official name for the thing (it never was clear if they had an official name).

(And, technically, "Session 416" was two of the clips, "Second Excerpt" which was the first released, and "First Excerpt" which was the last released.)

I guess it makes sense for that to be the official name, because when the first one hit, before we knew what was going on, that's what we called it (and would be why that was the domain I registered right off the bat).
I'm wondering if they are planning to update the site to indicate the new edition.
Never had a problem with the menus, so yay.

And my God...those special tantalizing...August 21, you can't come quickly enough!
Are the Joss intro and the Joss-only commentary the exact same ones that were on the original DVD release ?

Is there anything significant on the original R1 release that would make it worth keeping after I've bought the Collector's Edition ?
Is there anything significant on the original R1 release that would make it worth keeping after I've bought the Collector's Edition ?

The cover? *flees*
Hahahahahaha. Nice, Simon.

Seriously, though. If there's anything worth keeping the first R1 release, it's for the memory of that awful awful heinous cover.

And who doesn't love a little llama?
I had a feeling Simon would be the one to jump on that if I set up for it.

As bad as the cover is, it's not half as crappy as the North American promotional poster.

To be honest, if it was for some other sci-fi flick, like some big cheesy yet enjoyable action/sci-fi, the R1 DVD cover wouldn't look so bad, IMO. It just doesn't fit Serenity (and wouldn't fit any well-written sci-fi film attempting to be taken seriously). But it's so shiny.
I think the North American poster annihilates every last thing about the original R1 cover. Except for the llama. Can't stop the llama.
*refrains from stoking a rerun of the poster wars*
Let's talk about what would get me to go out and buy this new set right now. A preview of SERENITY 2. Other than that, it's in line behind BUFFY THE CHOSEN COLLECTION and INLAND EMPIRE.

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