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May 22 2007

Will we finally visit the Southland? is reporting that Richard Kelly's "Southland Tales" has finally been picked up by a distribution company. Sony will apparantly team with Samuel Goldwyn Films to exhibit the Sarah Michelle Gellar starring film.

At bloody long last!

No kidding! Fina-frickin'-lee!
Finally! This is the SMG film I'm most excited to see (this year!).
Finally! 'The Air I Breathe' has eclipsed my excitement for upcoming SMG films but Southland was never far behind. I was starting to worry that it wouldn't be seen.

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Good news. I think no matter how Southland is received, it's going to divide opinion and hopefully challenge people. I am a firm beliver that editing can really help a film sometimes, and judging by a lot of people's reactions to the first cut, it's entirely possible that it was a confusing, sprawling mess. Tightening it up, making the plot more coherent and trimming superfluous characters may make it a much better film.

Donnie Darko was brilliant, and yes, weird and confusing, but never ridiculously so, and there was usually meaning in everything that wasn't impossible to work out. It sounds like Southland may just have been unnecessarily complicated and bizarre, but hopefully it will now be able to follow in DD's footsteps and become a classic.
ChosenGuy317 -the date given for it's release is March 2008 and people have pointed out that this branch of Sony is the branch of Sony that deals with releases nobody else in Sony wants and also usually only does limited releases
PErsonally I don't care much about the movie, I just want to see it released so we won't see anymore "maybe soon" announcments posted.

Seriously, I know Goldwyn is not what it used to be (no company in Hollywood is) but given what it once represented in terms of taste in pictures, I'm glad to hear this.
I'm really looking forward to this film (although there's lots of other stuff coming out in the summer and fall to keep me happy).

Wouldn't mind being able to read the third book though before I see the movie (Southland Tales Book 3: The Mechanicals). I have no idea why it hasn't been released in comic book shops yet, but apparently you can get it from Amazon.
Kris ,Book 3 was released on January 31st to all outlets but you are right ,it was a lot more difficult to get than the first 2 books
Thanks for that bit of info Garda. I didn't get mine, even though I ordered it through Previews. My comic shop guy didn't have a clue what was up.

Guess I'll have to track it down some time soon.

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