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May 22 2007

Buffy and Angel Season 2 Slim Sets for $17.99 at Amazon. Also Tru Calling Season 2 for $12.14. Amazon follows up on last week's Season 1 sale.

Damn. Why wasn't last the season one sale posted last week? I wish I'd known about it. Oh, well. I already did all the necessary birthday shopping. I don't need to spend more money.
I wish they would sell the normal sets for such losw prices. I'm not a big fan of the slimsets, I loved the packaging for the normal ones so much. Plus I am only missing seasons 1 and 2 of buffy normal, I have everything else, and it would be weird to have a collection of all the normal ones except for season 1 and 2 of Buffy.
Any hope in holding out for a Complete Angel in the states, much like the Buffy set? I've got seasons 1 and 5, (1 on an older season 1 sale, and 5 when it was $30)... tempted to use this chance to pick up season 2. Heck... the Numfar scenes alone are worth the $18!

Also - wow... someone actually likes the roadmap-ridiculous-fold-out boxsets? I can't get a disc out of those without setting the box down somewhere to fold it out... and the discs often become dislodged in them. I'll take slimsets over those horrors of dvd case engineering any day.

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