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May 22 2007

Xander for Mayor of SF??? Leah Garchik of the San Francisco Chronicle muses on similarities between SF Mayor Gavin Newsom and Season 8 Xander. At least, lookswise.

How is it that they write an article like that without having a picture of the SF major? So very wrong.
I know! What's the point without a "slit screen?"
Scan down here for a pic of Newsom and the ladyfriend they mention:
They think Xander is a figment of Jo Chen's imagination? Uh,where have they been?
I was thinking the same thing, jcs. And the "woman in the background"? C'mon, they at least know what SMG looks like, don't they?
Heh, this article is so bizarre that I'm really amused. They went into tons of effort even going so far as to try and contact Jo Chen (...who lives in New York? Huh.) or at least her Dark Horse reps but they sort of are overlooking the fact the cover is supposed to resemble the actors who portray the characters.

Oh, plus wasn't this the guy who was having an affair with the wife of a staff member just awhile ago? Why would he be posing with that woman in such an awkward stagey way, enough that they might believe the cover to be photo referenced?

Edit: Wait, I checked names and they're referring to a slightly obscure actress he's dating instead.

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Jeremy Atkins of Dark Horse Comics, publisher of the series, says the image was drawn by Jo Chen, who lives in New York. She hasn't answered inquiries about whether Xander is a figment of her imagination or a reflection of a clipping or photo she may have seen somewhere.

I really don't blame Jo for not answering, I'd be like "huh?" if I got that query.
And to top it off, there's no resemblance anyhow.
This is so ridiculous in so many ways. Figment of her imagination? Woman in the background? Brunette?

And apparently have a vaguely similar hairstyle makes you a spittin image of someone else, eyepatches aside. Good grief.

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