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May 23 2007

(SPOILER) New sketches from Buffy season 8 artist Georges Jeanty. There's a couple of portrait sketches of two well known vampires and also some b/w artwork from Buffy #3 (one of them is that scene).

Spoiler tag for the Buffy #5 cover.

I'm diluted deluded that I want some little picture of Tara to popup somewhere, aren't I?
:-( *sigh*

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diluted? Do you mean deluded?

While I'm not very keen on the idea of Tara coming back, I would love to see a Tara cover drawn by Jo Chen. :D
WOW! Thank you. Just...thank you.
And well done, Georges, they're beautiful.

Still waiting for my TFAW copy to arrive here in Oz and I've been on tenterhooks waiting to see 'that scene'.

And it's... hot!
I'll certainly never think of train travel the same way again.

And given the recent comment on here, I don't find it at ALL exploitative of women, given that Buffy seems to be, err, firmly in control of the situation.

And STILL with the clothes on while the men remain nekkid.

Not that they appear to be objecting.

BTW do you think there's oil of some kind involved?!?
Hey, cool. Interesting duality between the Spike/Angel sketches.

At first I couldn't think what "That Scene" was, but looking at the sketches, I remembered.

Oh yeeeaaaaahhh.
Is it just me, or does Georges Jeanty's Buffy look Joan of Arc-y? I can't tell if it's a French thing or an I'm-so-very-Catholic thing.
Is that 'I want you .. to be strong' (the pointing finger thumbnail) some variant cover? Really cool, in light of our latest big discussion. I'd love to have that as a postcard..
I love this comic so much I want to take it out behind the Middle School and get it pregnant.
Pointy, in what way do his renderings remind you of Joan of Arc?

I want the Buffy belt buckle, please. And an Angel/Spike sandwich, to go.
More a general maid-on-crusade vibe than any specific detail, ohbejoyful, and I was wondering if anyone else felt the same.
Simon said (no pun intended)

[...] artwork from Buffy #3 (one of them is that scene).

Oh boy, how I would have wanted to see that scene on TV.

I would have laughed for years...
Now I simply laugh when I think of it.
Hmm. I haven't had the same reaction to that scene as most people here, I know. (Nothing bad, just not a highlight for me.) My favorite thing in this very nice link is seeing how he draws not-giant Dawn (last in second row). The image of Buffy where she looks very close to delivering a one-liner and a dusting is also very nice.

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